[FE8] Arms Scroll ASM

Here is an ASM that will make (almost) any item of your choice function as an Arms Scroll.

This is similar to Brendor’s ASM, however it’s in a nice neat EA file, making it easy to install.


  • It will only increase a single weapon rank like in FE9/10/11/12 rather than all the weapon ranks such as in the 3DS games

  • It will base the weapon rank to be increased off the first item in your inventory

  • The item ID of the Arms Scroll must be above 0x5B

  • It will not increase your weapon rank if the weapon rank is A, and you already have an S rank in something else.

If wanted, it may be possible to make a version similar to the 3DS games.


reply soon with any bugs or issues.


replies soon


no fuck you feu I’ll use allcaps if I goddamn fucking well want to


Yeah, I know. Necropost, but I hope this saves some peoples’ time in the future.

I’ve had some woes getting this to work properly, but it’s a neat little addition to my game now. Thank you!

I would like to add two things:

This needs to be be 16 aligned. It may be able to be 4 aligned, but I only tried 16 because I’m lazy. Took me a while to figure this out.

The asm references the regular item table. If yours is repointed, you should change the item table references. Mine did some funky stuff until I did this, like it worked fine except it would either refuse to work for spears, or it simply refused to increase a spear weapon level. It would increase a different weapon level despite having a spear equipped too.

Regardless, thanks again! I would have tons of trouble getting weapon levels to be balanced correctly in my next project without this.

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so uh, anybody got a link? is dead

You can steal my working version. I repointed item usability/prep screen usability/effect stuff. I’m like 80% sure it’s currently working.