[FE8] Arbitrary number of weapon types

It’d be neat if there were ranks for dragonstones and used that with an FE8 modular battle or something similar to make the stone’s stats increase with the rank, like strikes.

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I can do that.

Also Item levels where you have to have a certain rank to use elixirs. Because medical knowledge. Practicce with Vulneraries too.

Ooh, ooh, or, you get to use lockpicks after getting A rank in keys by using 20 door/chest keys

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Fix for animation issue: Installing the “Melee and Magic Fix.jfp” in the FEditor asm folder seems to make the issue go away. Thanks @CT075 for the suggestion!

Updated source - should fix all the issues noted above.

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Tested this version and it is indeed working just fine now!

Alright, did some more heavy duty testing this time checking how compatible this hack is with other item/weapon rank based hacks. My results are as follows:

No problems:

Item Growth boost hack by Venno

All initial bugs reported are indeed fixed

New additions to the weapon triangle works, meaning you can do FE10 magic triangles and
all the more you could want

Works fine with Venno’s boss unlimited uses patch

Works fine with Venno’s passive stat boost hack

List of new bugs/compatibility issues:

-Auto leveling for enemy weapons doesn’t seem to work?

-Venno’s weapon lock hack:

There may technically be an already existing solution for this mentioned in the second paragraph but it is not optimal.

Applying his weapon lock hack to this hack causes all weapons without locks to become unusable by anyone who can natively use the weapon. For example, Seth can no longer use his steel sword, but the fighters in the prologue can use iron axes despite no longer having the ability to use any weapon.

All other functions of Venno’s patch still works fine, so setting a hard/soft lock for a weapon will allow a character to use it. This means that there is an inefficient solution if you’re willing to give a hard class lock for each weapon type to all classes.

-Venno’s weapon rank bonus patch does not work at all when combined with this hack. His hack then the patch makes the game restart in chapter one. The patch then the hack seems to change nothing.

-Venno’s Remove weapon level on promotion patch doesn’t seem to work when combined with this
patch. Causes unit to repromote into class they were already in? Tested on Mercenary. Promoted bonuses still work though so promoting into a hero gives you the Hero bonuses while Ranger
gives the ranger bonuses?

-Venno’s item based staff hacks - The rank boost from the ds style version of the staff hack
doesn’t seem to get added on. Everything else works.

Can’t test:

Your [FE8] Item/Staff lock - Link is dead

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Thanks for this testng; it’ll be important once we do stuff for Sacred Shell.

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Hmm, what sort of situations is the weapon leveling supposed to happen in?

For auto weapon leveling? That’s when an enemy is able to use any weapon so long as the units auto level flag is set to true and the class they’re in can use the weapon. So if I give a generic enemy fighter a silver axe and have them be auto leveled to 1 or 2 with the flag to give them an auto level set to true, then they’ll be able to use the silver axe. If the flag were set to false,then the enemy fighter wouldn’t be able to use the silver axe since their default weapon level isn’t high enough.

Ah. Yeah, that sounds like something that would break. I’ll take a look at it at some point.

Also, the links to the staff lock hack should be fixed now.

Just checked it with this patch and the staff/item lock patch is working fine in conjunction with it.

The links are dead now.

Should be fixed now.

I ran into two more glitches with the patch.

  1. Enemy and NPC weapon levels seem to always jump to S rank when they attack a unit(or get attacked?). This includes gaining a weapon level for being disarmed.

2 . When using a weapon with the magic weapon ability(0x41, so weapons like the light brand and rune sword) at range this creates an S rank in the weapon level associated with the magic. So using the light brand will give S rank light magic. Creating custom weapons with this ability just seems to cause the weapon level of that weapon type to become S.

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I just realized we can use this for separating anima magic. Probably. idk why it took me so long to realize that.

Edit: Could be helpful:

Yes this can be done as I mentioned earlier and am doing in my hack(for proof see the thread on serenes). Below is the table I made for my hack in hex. Note that I don’t use the default anima magic index because it is a different weapon type.

00 01 FB FD 00 02 0F 01 01 02 F6 FE 01 00 05 03 02 00 F1 FF 02 01 0A 02 03 06 14 01 03 07 14 01 03 0A 14 01 03 0B 14 01 03 0C 14 01 03 00 0F 00 03 01 0F 00 03 02 0F 00 06 03 FB 00 07 03 FB 00 0A 03 FB 00 0B 03 FB 00 0C 03 FB 00 06 07 05 01 07 06 FB FD 06 0A F1 FF 0A 06 0F 01 06 0B F1 FF 0B 06 0F 01 06 0C F1 FF 0C 06 0F 01 07 0A 0F 01 0A 07 F1 FF 07 0B 0F 01 0B 07 F1 FF 07 0C 0F 00 0C 07 F1 FF 0C 0A FB FD 0C 0B 0F 01 0A 0B FB FD 0A 0C 05 03 0B 0C F1 FF 0B 0A 0A 02 FF FF 00 00

00 = swords
01 = lances
02 = axes
03 = bows
04 = staffs(not in table)
05 = anima(not in table)
06 = light
07 = dark
0A = fire
0B= thunder
0C = wind

Bugs noted - I’ve been fairly busy recently but will get around to fixing at some point.

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Found two more bugs.

  1. Using a vulnerary/item causes you to gain an S rank in that item (can be avoided if you just give the unit four weapon levels so this might not really need to be fixed?).

  2. When you are attacked and are unable to attack the enemy back, the weapon you are equipped with gains an S rank. So if you have a sword and are attacked by someone with a Bow you will gain an S rank.

Additionally I was mistaken on two early compatibility issues.

Venno’s weapon lock hack doesn’t work with this hack it seems.

Additionally, his passive stat boost hack doesn’t work either since it seems to conflict with Hextator’s melee/magic fix hack.

Also as a side note, slots 0B and 0C cause some display issues when made into weapons, so I don’t recommend using them for making custom weapon ranks.

How do I apply this to my own project? I’m confused on how this exactly works, sorry.

I don’t recommend using weapon types past the monster type as they aren’t displayed in your convoy

If you want to use this hack you should use Insert EA or event assembler. It may conflict with the Skill Systems febuilder patch, though you may be able to figure out using it with a buildfile or custom build

Good luck