[FE8] Alphabetical Recruitment [On Hold] [v0.3] [7 Chapters]

Time to learn the ABC’s… with Fire Emblem! The title says it all: It’s FE8, except that units are recruited in alphabetical order of their names.

This hack uses Skill System solely for QoL features like battle stats with animations off, viewable growth rates, and HP bars (the only skills are the ones that are innate to the base game).

Here’s a Google Sheet detailing each unit (will be updated as I work on this hack): Alphabetical Recruitment - Google Sheets

Title Prologue

P Map Chapter 1 Map

Chapter 2 Overworld Chapter 2 Map

Version 0.3 is finished, going up to Chapter 5x. Expect more updates in the future.

Until then, here’s the download:


I love it

This will be funny

What are you gonna do with Orson? are you gonna keep him in chapter 5x and make him appear as a boss in chapter 16, or are you gonna add him to the list of characters? It would be funny to see someone else like Marisa or Moulder replace him as a boss. Either way, it’s a fun idea

That’ll be a surprise.


Any reason Artur isn’t promoted despite being in Seth’s spot? Should probably have an actual jagen, considering how weak and frail both Artur and Amelia are at base. A 10/1 Artur would be pretty reasonable, at least so you have something better for the first two chapters.

From my own playtesting, the chapters are beatable without a Jeigan, even on Hard. I think Arthur is fine as he is, but I’m open to buffing him if I find it necessary to do so.

I think the fact that you had to weaken prologue enemies is already pretty telling that Artur should be made stronger. And considering there won’t be any healers for a while, having him join promoted would be really convenient too.


I love this kind of hack.

Also I agree with the promoted Artur suggestion (make him a bishop so he can work similar to Seth, same number of weapon ranks and being useful against monsters because slayer)