[FE8] Adding missing sound effects from FE 6 or FE 7

I don’t know if this has been answered already, but I gotta ask just to be sure. I’m talking about spell sound effects from FE 7 like Forblaze, Aureola, Gespenst, etc. I was making spells that used animations like Meteor from SHYUTERz, HIROTO, Fenrir, and 7743, but the spell animation use Forblaze’s sound effects. I know that there are sfx in the same folder as the spell animation, but when I went to check it out in Sappy, it was just one note being played. I know that’s not how Forblaze is supposed to sound, so I need some help.
TL;DR, how do I add sfx from the previous GBA games that go into custom spell animations like Forblaze or Apocalypse?

Exporting + Importing SFX as .s seems to not work. Seems similar to .wav files.
Guess they messed up? Or there’s something I don’t know.
You could try the import from ROM in FEBuilder but that will clog up lots of space if you do it for many SFX iirc as it carries over a more than just the sound itself (or it will flat out not work as well).
Imho just replace the sound with something alse in the Spell Script (CXXXX48 → CYYYY48 where X & Y are SongTable entries).

If you just want to make a sound for now, you can use the following patch to assign an appropriate vanilla sound.
Or, you can copy that SongID yourself.
Vanilla has a variety of sounds, so just pick one that is similar.
This way, there is no increase in capacity since the pointer is simply copied.
Sound data wastes a lot of space, so it is important to save it.

NAME.en=Fixed sound of Aircalibur
NAME.en=Fixed sound of the Dragon Stone
NAME.en=Fixed sound of the Sword of the seal
NAME.en=Fixed sound of Ekkesachs SongID:0x10C
NAME.en=Fixed sound of Ekkesachs SongID:0x11E
NAME.en=Fixed sound of Erishkigal
NAME.en=Fixed sound of Luce

Or I think you could use a version that implements that magic with just vanilla sounds.
I have been able to achieve some animations, such as ex-fire, meteo using only vanilla data.
I think I posted those in the resource thread, so look for them.
I have reduced the number of pictures and also reduced the capacity.

If you really want to play vanilla sounds, or if you have a disease that will die if you don’t play vanilla sounds, you can use the Import tool for songs from other games and use vanilla sounds.
However, I do not recommend this because of the increased space required for sound data.