[FE8] A few questions; supply cap, stat bugs, and sprites

Hi, I’ve recently gotten into modding my FE roms, I’ve made quite a number of changes but I’ve gotten pretty much as far as I can with Google, and there are a few things I haven’t been able to figure out so I thought I’d ask for some help. I’m going to put these into one thread but I hope it’s not frowned up to ask a bunch of different questions at once :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. The thing I’m most interested in right now is changing Marisa’s Assassin battle animation. I’ve already recolored her so she looks much better, but I noticed she uses the standard short-haired animation, same as all the other Assassins, and it makes more sense to me if she uses the long-haired animation. I took a look at Legault’s animation with FEditor Adv as a base since he uses the long-haired animation, and interestingly his sheet contains the normal Assassin sprite but with what look like some long-haired “partial” frames that I guess are substituted in the animation if some condition is flagged or something.
    Looking back at the FE8 animation sheets, the female Assassin sheet (and male for that matter) both also contain these long-haired pieces, but I guess whatever flag causes the character to use the long-haired variant isn’t activated for Marisa or for the female Assassin class (whichever is responsible for that). Is there any known way to change this so that she uses the long-haired animation?

  2. Is there any known way to fix the bug that occurs when stats are 32+ or HP is 64+, where the stats have 32 or 64 subtracted from them when the game is reset? I looked around on Google but couldn’t find a clear fix for either one.

  3. Is there any way to change the supply capacity from 100 to anything higher?

Thanks for your time!

  1. There are no “partial frames” or anything like that for Legault’s animation, nor is there any sort of flag for showing long hair/short hair animations. It’s a separate animation/sprite sheet entirely. FE7 has the ability to assign individual characters their own animation (Lucius, Lloyd, etc.), but FE8 doesn’t have that.
    If she isn’t already, you’ll have to have Marisa promote into a separate female Assassin class. Then, give the female Assassin a different animation.

  2. The 32/64+ stats thing isn’t a bug, but rather comes from the fact that the game simply isn’t designed to store numbers over those maximums. FEditor applies an autopatch that sort of allows you to go over those maximums but it has its limits, and inflates the stats of characters on existing save files drastically.
    If you want to have a real fix, you’ll have to implement some serious assembly code.

  3. Not sure, but have you tried Googling/searching the site? I have a suspicion that you won’t be able to go over 127 capacity, but I could be wrong.

  1. Really? How strange… If you look at the screenshots I posted from FEditor Adv (the first is from Legault’s animation, the second is the standard Assassin class in FE8) both of them clearly have scattered pieces of the standard Assassin animation as well as long-haired bits, the only difference is that one uses the normal stuff and one uses the long-haired bits for whatever reason, and a few differences in the coloration.
    Yesterday after I posted I dumped Legault’s animation sheets and frame data with FEditor Adv and tried recoloring a few bits and the changes did show up, so it does appear the animations are pieced together from those sheets. And I also tried replacing Legault’s sheets with the sheets from FE8’s standard Assassin class, just using Legault’s “file” and “frame data” instead, and added it as a new custom animation and set the female Assassin class to use it instead of the standard Assassin animation. It did work pretty well and I successfully got her to use the long-haired variant (again, just by copy-pasting the exact same animation sheets pulled from the standard Assassin class, which doesn’t use long hair, just combined with the header files or whatever you call them I got from dumping Legault’s animation).
    Obviously I’m pretty new to all this but it appears that the animation sheets, at least the ones obtained from FEditor Adv, contain both the short and long haired variants, and there’s just some kind of something in Legault’s animation data that makes him use the long-haired variant… I just wish I knew what that “something” was.
    But in any case, there’s still a weird graphical glitch that occurs when the Silencer skill activates, I’m assuming it has something to do with porting data from an FE7 animation over to FE8, but I’m not really sure :frowning: But I suppose this first part can be considered solved for the most part.

  2. Damn :frowning: thanks anyway

  3. Yes, I have tried Googling a lot. Couldn’t find anything. Yeah I also have that suspicion, but even 120 would be better than 100.

Whatever tool the developers used to make animations for FE has the ability to recognised repeated parts and rather than store the same image twice it simply instructs the game to keep those parts the same between each frame. It would not surprise me if the assassin animation simply changed a few frames here and there. You haven’t come across anything new, and unfortunately we don’t have the tools to harness this aspect of the games engine just yet.

I would imagine that the two entries in the animation table are comprised of some identical pointers and some different ones, and the game switches between them as necessary.

The supply cap is the same problem as the stat cap, you need to find more memory to allocate which I doubt you’ll find; I know from personal experience they used damn near every bit of space they had.