[FE8/4K] Fire Emblem: Infinite Kings (17/28 playable chapters)


In the time before time, God himself created Fire Emblem: The Four Kings, and it became the first-ever romhack to receive one fourbillion downloads.

And after a brief 38-month timeskip™… Fire Emblem: Infinite Kings, the first-ever redux of the smash hit romhack Fire Emblem: The Four Kings, was brought into reality.

Original Sales Pitch (unit data, tier list maker, and credits are inside)

Hello and welcome! My name is BobbyBoomBangs, and I’m proud to release Fire Emblem: Infinite Kings! I only started actually hacking and making the game in Winter of last year, but my journey to make this game started several years ago.

I frequent a community called FEUniverse, basically romhacking but styled like FE where hackers can create their own romhacks. I was going to make a different romhack for this, with a story pretty similar to the core concept of Infinite Kings and featuring one of the protagonists. But that fell through, so I didn’t get to release that romhack. Instead, I decided to plan out this entire hack and then some. So one winter, I wrote a 28 page document, with plans for all the maps, units, personal weapons, supports, etc. It had everything except for the whole script for the story, because I genuinely can’t write fast to save my life. Sadly, I had a very good idea how to hack, so I shelved the project for about two hours. But once I learned how to throw away what small semblance of pride I had left and resign myself to my eternal damnation within the FE GBA romhacking rabbit hole, I was finally able to make that project a reality. And over the course of about 10 months, Infinite Kings was created!

So, what is this hack about? Well, the story centers on two brothers: Walter and Lionel. After the events of The Four Kings, they have become the royals in the land of Ibril, and each rules over one of the great countries on the continent. But the brothers constantly argue, and when things get rough, their relationship becomes strained even further…

Features of the hack:

  • 750+ enemy characters, each with their own personal weapon (except Max the mercenary). Some enemies even get two personal weapons, and a few playable characters get personal weapons too!

  • 29 planned total main story chapters! (assuming I don’t hit the 32 MB limit beforehand, because wow the base ROM is packing weight)

  • ∞ post-game trial maps that expand the gameplay!

  • A concurrent route split for the midgame. Your army will be divided into two fixed groups, and you’ll swap between them to play different chapters. This naturally means that you’ll never get to see that really promising interaction you were looking forward to between that one recruitable and that one villain, all because they’re on different routes! At least you will have a shared convoy, thanks to handwaved plot convenience egg-shaped rocks. No more “I accidentally left Shirou’s coveted, precious wooden bow in the Holmes convoy” moments!

  • Reworked supports! Because I am a lazy developer who hasn’t found the time to write all the supports, most of the supports are just vanilla or placeholder dialogue. But don’t worry! All the placeholder dialogue is a summary of what I would’ve written if I had the energy and motivation to do so! this is also the one piece™ of dialogue that you have my blessing to hit the enter key on if you want to read them when they’re completed without spoiling yourself to the contents

  • A fully incomplete and unoriginal story that is hopefully terrible!

  • Tons of music tracks taken from other Fire Emblem romhacks. Expect a lot of SOTF songs throughout the game!

  • There’s also a lot of RED TEXT dialogue throughout the game which are meant to be my way of spoon-feeding you information in case you committed the cardinal sin of not paying attention to the story. So read the dialogue and ALWAYS keep an eye out for story cues, because if you have to rely on the RED TEXT, you totally deserve to get ganked by same-turn reinforcements!

  • Accent marks in FEGBA! Holy shit!!!



so uh, yeah


Full patch credits TBA

  • Mugs: LaurentLacroix, GratedShtick, Cardcafe, NickT, Melia, RandomWizard, Xenith, card, lenh, FEier, Bluuey, Renoud, Glacoe, ObsidianDaddy, Sterling Glovner, devisio, vilkalizer MournfulRelic, Scraiza

  • Music: pandan, Sme, SurfingKyogre, Tristan_hollow, DrGreen, Tacthack, Retina, psyche, Xilirite

  • Map Sprites: epicer, TAS20xx, archerbias, Pikmin1121, Aruka, Kenpuhu, Amyd

  • Battle Animations: Obs, Nuramon, Greentea, Bonestorm, Pikmin1211, Jj09, 7743, Jey the Count, ScubaLuigi, Amdy, Dark

  • Icons: SacredStones, zarg, maxim, 2wb, jubby, AtelierLabs, Ryan914, Batima, Sphealnuke, Scraiza

  • Skill Icons: Purple Mage, devisio

  • Text Icons: Retina

  • Palettes: Retina, Knight_Moris, TytheBub, Tacthack, Sphealnuke

A huge special thanks to all of the various hackers and content creators who generously allowed me to use their hacks’ assets and original characters in this project:

devisio, Retina, Sphealnuke, TytheBub, Tacthack, Bilal, Parrhesia, Scraiza, epicer, Mycahel, Caladrius, TDAWS, Rivian, Knight_Moris, Roze

And of course, none of this would have been possible without the OK from KrashBoomBang. Thank you so much for letting me use your hack as a base for this commemorative parody!

Here’s a tier list maker for the game if you’re interested in that

Also here’s a spreadsheet containing everyone’s base stats, growth rates, and join times!

Please feel free to leave feedback in this thread. I will make bugs and revisions as necessary for the game, and your feedback is how I’m going to do that! In addition, know that this is not the final release of the game. I plan to add ∞ trial maps into the game at a later date. These trial maps will flesh out certain plot points and give main characters more time to shine on their own adventures. But for now, I just want to release the sixteen completed chapters and play Two Milkmen Go Comedy.

I hope you all enjoy Fire Emblem: Infinite Kings!

Now that that spiel’s out of the way, here’s an actual project description:

Fire Emblem: Infinite Kings is a parody redux of KrashBoomBang’s romhack Fire Emblem: The Four Kings. Though originally planned to be released as an April Fools’ joke hack, it gradually shifted into a commemorative celebration of my FE romhacking experiences throughout the past years.


A brand new adventure retreading old ground! The maps and enemy composition are generally similar (but not identical) to the source material, but all of the characters, writing, and eventing have been completely altered in the process. Almost every single bit of text in this hack has been changed from vanilla in some way!

A thorough amount of sidequests and hidden events! Almost every map past Chapter 4 will have some kind of event—often progressing both a character’s gameplay and story in some form. And every single character (aside from the secret characters) gets at least some kind of progression in this way! None of these events are dependent on total RNG beyond the player’s control. It is entirely up to you to uncover them, but they need to be gleaned through paying close attention to the story and/or contextual clues.

A GBAified Emblem Ring system, themed around romhacks! Emblem Rings give passive stat boosts to the holder, and some provide skills when equipped. More importantly, if certain characters hold the right rings, they will grant access to special “Engage” commands. These commands can vary wildly in function, and are generally dependent on the nature of the ring’s original romhack. Anything can happen!

Countless special interactions which are all closely tied to the story! Just because this is a meme hack doesn’t mean it won’t go all-out with how it conveys its narrative. Be sure to go out of your way to experiment with as many story interactions as you can when you play this hack, and you’ll certainly be rewarded in the process!

Also (since I don’t have anywhere else to say it), recruitment conversations are no longer mutually exclusive! There’s no need to savestate to read every possible recruitment dialogue.

A grand tribute to all of my experiences (so far) with romhacking and the romhacking community! Obviously, my own knowledge of romhacks only goes so far—there are far too many hacks out there for me to recognize all of them, of course—and I didn’t add any references to hacks that I felt I wasn’t familiar enough with to portray accurately. But I tried to reference as many different hacks as I could, in at least some form or another!

Content Warning

While there is (hopefully) nothing that is classless enough to break FEU’s content policy, this hack does have cruder jokes and generally stronger/more frequent explicit language than one might expect from an FE game or hack. Unlike VQ, it certainly has more than just one use of the word “fucking”.

While I did my best not to include any major spoilers for the hacks that are referenced in this project, I was unable to avoid a certain midgame spoiler from Order of the Crimson Arm, due to the inherent nature of the characters included. Do not play this hack if you would like to experience OCA’s story entirely blind.

Known issues off the top of my head
  • If the spiel above didn’t give it away already, supports are still incredibly bare-bones and are enormously unfinished.
  • Player unit death quotes are unfinished.
  • Some item, spell, and skill icons, item descriptions, and other bits of vanilla text are WIP.
  • The content of the story is also subject to change, as none of that is set in stone yet—I frequently take time to revise prior bits of writing. Future patches will specify any significant story changes.
  • Some weapons that are designed to do Str-Res damage are set as Bows, which gives the Bowbreaker an advantage against them when it really shouldn’t be.
  • Visual errors may occur in the portraits during talks in chapters 1 and 6. This error has become a part of canon and therefore I have no intention of fixing it.
  • Music will sometimes act weird in Chapter 8, especially when using the Unlock staff on the lower left prison. This also sometimes occurs during a specific talk on this map.
  • A visual glitch may occur sometimes on the stat screen, especially if there are many stats being boosted by held items. This does not affect the gameplay.
  • Granz+'s stat boosts display weirdly on the stat screen when it is equipped.
  • An event in Chapter 16 tends to bug out sometimes, especially if the player uses the START button to skip it.
  • Emblem Rings’ universal passive skills will not activate unless the user is equipping the Emblem Ring as a weapon. I sadly do not know how to remedy this at the moment.
  • Promoting a unit while equipping an Emblem Ring or any other item with no battle animation (such as the brick) may cause visual errors. This does not affect the gameplay.
  • Some functionality of the Milk Ring has not been implemented yet.
  • There are not enough battle quotes in the game. This will be remedied soon.
  • Early patches had remnants of tutorial events which would randomly flip on a bunch of global flags for some reason. Though I think this has been fixed in the recent patch, existing save files may have their eventing messed up as a result of this.
  • Ty’s convo with James in Chapter 16 accidentally triggers the Salman convo instead.
  • The functionality of the inn event in Chapter 14 is a bit funky sometimes. Please make a save state before entering it!

To do list for future patches:

  • Fix class text (huge lore fail found)
  • Complete functionality of 1984
  • Complete functionality of the new item you get in Chapter 17
  • Fix battle quote in Chapter 7
  • Completing the rest of the game (hopefully)

While a player’s overall enjoyment of this hack will likely be correlated to how many of the referenced hacks they are familiar with, I can’t say for certain if it’s necessary to be familiar with them all. That being said, it is strongly recommended to have at least played The Four Kings before playing this hack, in part because much of this hack’s content is built upon the existing narrative foundation of the original game.

Despite being a redux of The Four Kings, this hack is a vastly different gameplay experience. It is NOT meant to be a substitute for The Four Kings in any way, and likewise should not be viewed as such. These two projects have very different experiences in mind for the player—hell, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish recreating the original game’s intended experience with my stupid shitposting even if I tried.

Patch to FE8. Chapters 1-17 are functional. All chapters past Chapter 17 are identical to vanilla 4K.

Infinite Kings—demo ver 0.0.03

Legacy Patches

Infinite Kings—initial release demo ver 0.0.02

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unmitigated peak


I don’t even know who the audience for this hack truly includes, but I’m just glad I’m a part of that narrow group that can even parse together the depths of your insan- I mean creativity Bobby.


Please tell me this part is a joke lol. If not… damn!

the ugly truth

it’s just a corruption of the original 4K hack post’s words. Sadly, there’s far from enough item slots to make infinity prfs. But I would totally do this if I could.

Anyways, as is tradition when it comes to releasing stuff publicly, I found something that I needed to fix within 24 hours of putting this up. So uhh, if you’re one of the 9 people who already clicked on the download link, there’s a new patch waiting for you with a few tiny things that slipped my mind.


Oh no, this is kind of terrifying. Like, the sheer amount of possibilities as to what the heck this could be. My imagination is teeming. There are no brakes on this thought train. Dream dream dream dream dream dream (I will have to sleep late to experience this)

hack of the year candidate let’s fucking go


Hello-ween, the dead have returned amongst the living, with a new patch in their arms

Update time. Evidently something weird was happening where certain global flags were being turned on in Chapter 1 when they really shouldn’t have been. This ended up catastrophically messing with things later down the line for obvious reasons. I’m not exactly sure what caused this, especially since I have never had this problem before putting up a public patch, but I am assuming it was leftover FE8 tutorial stuff.

Just in case (and for anyone whose save files are pre-Chapter 5), I added an event at the start of Chapter 5 that turns a bunch of the affected flags off. There may have been other global flags flipped on that I’m unaware of, though, so I can’t guarantee 100% stability for existing saves.

Rest of the patch notes
  • Bards’ offensive caps adjusted

  • Brigand in chapter 2 now drops a torch

  • Chapter 4 is now much less restrictive; Mishelan now turns green 1 turn later, and Nicole got a nerf

  • Story adjustments all around. The most significant alteration was in Chapter 16, along with the purposeful continuity error in Chapter 1 being removed (but it may be re-added later if I feel like it)

  • Perseus now has a ranged animation (no idea how this one slipped through…)

  • Difficulty descriptors tweaked

  • End of Chapter 5 (hopefully) doesn’t implode now

  • Added one enemy to Chapter 8

  • Tweaked the Chapter 8 end event to account for another possible outcome

  • A non-meme pitch has been added to the hack post

  • A few other tiny things that may or may not be reverted later on

Thank you to everyone who has provided post-release feedback so far! Unless something breaks down horribly again, I likely won’t be making too many huge alterations this coming month as I’ll be shifting my focus towards other writing projects.


How many kings are in this hack?

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At least two I think


Hey, I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season. Not many people know this, but Christmas is actually a reference to the rising star of FEU, the one and only cult classic romhack known as Fire Emblem: Infinite Kings. Thanks to everyone who’s supported the hack so far by celebrating the season of Léon.


Anyways, I’ve just updated the download link with a new patch. I don’t plan on releasing public updates with only one chapter bundled within them too often, but considering the nature of Chapter 17, it felt prudent to get it out when I had the chance to. The next major public release will likely come out after the completion of Chapter 20, and I’m hoping to get that out sometime in the spring if possible, though that’s a pretty optimistic goal all things considered.

Patch Notes

-Chapter 17 has been implemented.

-Chapter 16’s end-of-chapter cutscene has been altered. This does break the functionality of one or two things from prior patches, specifically the Cassius reward at the end of the chapter. If you received the reward from keeping all the Cassiii alive, you will need to play the end cutscene again for it to work in future chapters.

-Chapter 16’s bosses can no longer charge at you before turn 3.

-The reinforcements from behind now appear earlier in Chapter 16.

-Implementation for Nern’s skill has been added to Chapter 16 (sorry I didn’t do this last update).

-Multiple failsafes were added to some chapters to ensure that certain potentially missable recruits cannot be missed.

-The eventing for Chapter 7’s start event has been tweaked for smoothness.

-Colt now has an event in Chapters 5 and 7.

-Léon now has a new battle quote in Chapter 7. This has been properly added to Nern’s event.

-A mage in Chapter 8 has lost his Spark tome.

-Emblem Ring weapons are now unbreakable.

-You can now use the talk command on sleeping units (Thank SubwayBossEmmett).

-Jeremy now has a silence instead of a berserk in Chapter 10 (Thank SubwayBossEmmett).

-Connie no longer moves in Chapter 12 (Thank SubwayBossEmmett).

-Locritus now has a special dialogue if he learns Wrath (Thank SubwayBossEmmett).

-Locritus can no longer learn Ty’s personal skill.

-Ernie can no longer use Sleep (whoops).

-Indicators were added for STR reinforcement locations in Chapters 4 (Thank Bloble).

-The spawners are no longer STRs in Chapter 15.

-Fixed an error where the custom dialogue that plays when Daltry kills the boss in Chapter 16 didn’t work.

-Skyshots have been removed from all non-Nomad enemies.

-Fixed a characterization issue where Mort from Shackled Powers wasn’t saying anything when he attacked an opponent.

-Bow locks have been fixed for Prf bows.

-Alair, Colt, Ty, Shelby, and Dorian have all received some new escape quotes in chapters 8 and 9.

-A certain unit’s description and dialogue has been spiced up (Thank Retina).

-Added new Emblem Ring functionality for Léon, Andrew, Cassius, and Clement with the Armor, Crimson, Milk, and Blessed Rings respectively. The Clement one is more of a dumb Easter egg than anything, but idk maybe it will be helpful to someone.

-Altered money output to accommodate for Nern tweaks.

-As funny as it would have been to just leave it as it was, Marcie’s Interlude talk now gives her Tomebreaker instead of breaking her EXP bar (Thank Shiina).

-Thrones now give 5 avoid, because I don’t want to sacrifice statistical accuracy to vanilla anymore than I already have.

-Fixed a bug where Halberdier!Ty couldn’t walk on the mountains in snowy weather.

-Certain abilities, such as the Music command, will now be connoted with visible skills. The skills are added at certain points in the game, so they will not show up on older saves. This also means that the placeholder skill that was once given to Nern on promotion will now display incorrectly on older saves.

-A Guide has been added to clarify miscellaneous mechanics that might not be explainable with 3 lines of dialogue, such as rings. Some of these might not show up on older saves, but the Emblem Ring ones generally should work (Thank SubwayBossEmmett for helping me figure out how to get this working at all).

-Salman can now promote properly.

-Cassius has received Charge, and his base bulk has increased. Emerald Knight caps have also been altered to better fit him.

-Blair now has a working palette (Thank Retina).

-Granz+ has been made slightly less useless.

-Tutorial messages have been added for clarity for certain chapters’ functions.

-Story adjustments all around. Telegraphing regarding an early Alair event is now more directly hinted at in a prior chapter, and Cielo randomly being alive at the end of Chapter 12 is now actually addressed by the text. In addition, some TMGC characters have been given the proper dialect in their dialogue to reflect their hack of origin, and the start of chapter 16 was trimmed down slightly.

-Re-added the One Piece Rap into the game.



Infinite Kings sweep


I didn’t think it could be done but infinite kings manages to use 4 kings(which is awesome)as a launching board for its own wild and insane designs. With moment to moment story beats that had me constantly laughing and somehow featuring a genuine narrative that the player can influence with choices. My years of hackrom gamer sweating have paid off in that I could Intuit many of the battle dialogues between various hackrom characters which was a treat. Replayability seems ripe with each chapter jam packed with secrets and conditionals. I would definitely recommend this people it’s a wonderfully wacky time. Though, I was somewhat dismayed at My redemption code for Apsussy, the weapon of the eternal winter seems to be bugged. I received a Tim gussy instead. Oh well that’s just how it is sometimes. 10/10 would listen to allstar in GBA again.