FE7U + FE8U with Japanese Difficulty

This is something that I made for my personal use that I thought I might as well share. It’s 2 patches that allows you to play English FE7 and FE8 with the original Japanese difficulty.

During localisation, they decided to make various changes to both games. In the case of FE8, it even easier than it already was by buffing playable characters growths/bases and reducing enemy autolevels across all difficulties, among many other minor changes. FE7 also had changes, althouh not nearly as many as in FE8. These patches reverse the changes that were made.

Here is the reference that I used for the changes for FE8:

As for FE7, there are far less changes in FE8, so I’ll just list them here:

  • Effectiveness multiplier reverted to 3x for all non-dragon effective weapons (Aureola is also 3x).

  • The final chapter has 2 doors open at a time rather than 1.

  • Reverted the nerf to most bosses during localisation. Most bosses received -1 power, -2 skill, -3 speed, -1 defence and -1 resistance. These changes have been reverted.

  • Gate and throne bonus reverted to +3 defence and +30 avoid rather than +2 defence and +20 avoid.

  • Less gold in the early game (Lyn does not join with a blue gem).

  • Lloyd and Linus now have runeswords in cog of destiny rather than lightbrands.

  • Blood type not included.

I also implemented the standard qol patches (visible growth rates, danger area, hp bars, etc) for both FE7 and FE8, as well as growth modes select for FE8. All modes are also available immediately in FE7. The credits for the qol patches are in the dropbox. Patch to an unmodified FE7U/FE8U rom. If there’s anything I missed, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Download here:


I have updated the post to now also include FE7. The patch can be downloaded from the dropbox.

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