Fe7if ups download?

Does anyone know where i can get the fe7if ups? Id really appreciate the help.

Given the history of that project as well as the fact that it is not in English, there is not a topic here.
If memory serves, you should be able to utilize a search engine like Google and find a link to the forum where it was posted and download it from there.

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I have tried but all links that I found are all dead. :frowning:

i’ve uploaded it

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You are Godsent. Thank you kind sir.

Can someone resend that link?.. Can’t access it

Please give me a new link!
The link is dead!


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As Brigand Boss would say… This will be fun!

Thank you so much!!

Kino hack despite the stolen assets

Are all modes available from start?

No, but you can have it with a save data

and where can i get that

I can send you my save data in DMs

Hi can I get the saved file too?