I am trying this hack today. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the true meaning of the difficulty of FE? I wonder Klok’s answer, so I begin now~

Chap 11

If you do not want to see the theif stealing your chest, break the wall and open the door of room above. Don’t try to open the door right below the start point, there are too many enemies. :sweat:

This is the first LP I’ve ever seen with exactly one picture and one sentence.

But there is nothing else worth saying. As soon as I get used to your new weapon system, it is not too difficult to play.


Chap 12

Oswin is strong!

Oswin fucked everything~

Mani Katti is awesome.

A long range axe cannot help the poor guy:

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Now I need to go out for my dinner, and then Chap 13 :stuck_out_tongue:


And then…

Why the Mani Katti always kill pegasus exactly?

Kill, kill and kill!

Leave her here and the world will be quite :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Talk to Guy:

And then blow them up:

Serra ate the Dragon Shied and solo~



Finally the poor boss again:

Eliwood ate the Secret Book:

Chap 13x:

I am pretty willing to kill this guy, now let’s go!

1st Turn:

2nd Turn:

Oswin goes for boss and Lowen goes for village,others protect Hector.

3rd Turn:

Finally I killed the annoying boss on 5th turn and admitted that I abused the RNG by SL.

And now the work is easy:

Chap 14

What’s this?


The tent can move itself:

Talk to Erk:

Kill the boss:

Kill the last one:

Tips: You need Lowen to attract the bad guys who want to destroy village bellow.

Quite difficult :astonished:

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Chap 15

The first two turns were horrible and I died many many times then survived once:

Serra ate the Angelic Robe stolen from the left fighter and then killed the right armour, Wrap Get! (She is excellent!)

A dangerous guy! Kill him!

The boss came to attack my Rebecca and missed then was counterattacked to death immediately. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And then everything is easy. I killed all enemies in 5 turns.

After the chapter:

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Chap 16

Serra ate the Dragon Shield before the battle.

Then I began the battle.

Lowen visited the village:

Hector waited for a pegasus committing suicide :kissing:

Buy sth:

Lots of slim swords, steel swords, hand axes, steel bows are needed.

There is a “superman” hidden in the night.

No doubt that I’ll kill him later.

There are many enemies here but none of them can reach me due to the special weapon range, so I can kill them safely:

The pegasus’ IQ is really low and I just waited for them to kill themselves :kissing:

No one can beat Rebecca who stands on the Peak.

The thief appeared:

The bandit prefers fighting to destroying:

Visit and run away:

Serra stands on a Mntn:

Serra is the striker.

Eh, where is the bandit from?

Prepare for AI’s reinforcements:

Speedwings Get!

The poor reinforcements:

Godness Icon Get!

And then you can DIEEEE!

Earth Seal Get!

After that, pegasus rescued him.

Then die please!

The last one (I said that I would kill him later :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now clear!


i like this lp more than all of the others


“Do things, and stuff: The LP”

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this beats fateborn’s lp by a landslide

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I don’t like this LP very much. But I hate Fateborn’s crappy LP even more. So I’m gonna have to agree with that. I got so much grief because people thought FB’s LP was actually Chaos mode.

Chap 17

Before battle: Speedwings->Sain; Godness Icon & Talisman->Serra

1st Turn:

2nd Turn:

3rd Turn:

4th Turn:

5th Turn:

6th turn:

7th turn:

8th turn:

9th turn:

10th turn:

11st turn:

Then I died. I guess there must be some tricks in the Spear.

So kill the boss by a critical attack, Serra!

13rd turn:

Seize with everything got!

Chap 17x

Before battle:

Yeah, Serra rested.

1st turn:

2nd turn:

3rd tun:

4th turn:

5th turn:

6th turn:

7th turn:

8th turn:

9th turn:

10th turn:

I used Canas as a bait to fish the stupid guy :stuck_out_tongue:

11st turn:

12nd turn:

13rd turn:

Chap 18

Oh, Ninian~

Chap 18 video