FE7 - Wild Wallace Edition

In days past, many an effort has been made to remedy the compromised state FE7 finds itself in. Almost every aspect of the game has gaping holes, ranging from gaidens and route splits with arbitrary means of access, to translation errors that fail to convey the purpose of a Rapier.
Beyond just the sorely missing polish, FE7’s design is rife with an overabundance of enemies that are so weak that the most optimal strategies often involve getting them to all suicide into the immensely stronger player units.

I wanted to put an end to all the nonsense, and realize the kind of game FE7 could have been, but I lacked a vision. Fortunately, Mystery Man D was there to give the game it’s structure. He designed all of the growths, class bases, and weapons, following our deliberation. Just about everything featured in Wild Wallace Edition (working title) is the result of extensive discussion.
I thought of an interesting way to split up the level design work- Mystery Man D would put together Eliwood Mode, I would assemble Hector mode, and we would both playtest each other’s maps. It was fun seeing the way in which our styles contrasted.
Both modes (NORMAL ONLY) are complete up to Chapter 20, so this demo wraps around the time you defeat Darin. Which mode should you try?

-----------------Louie---------------------------------------------------------Mystery Man D-----------------

If you prefer more thoroughly constructed maps, with good balancing and difficulty, try Eliwood Mode.
If you prefer zanier maps, with less enemy variety, but more unusual placements, and gimmicks, try Hector Mode.

Other Features:

  • Erik, Fargus, and Kishuna are playable characters (the latter two are not implemented yet)

  • Devil Weapons, Quick Weapons, and the Magic Swords from Thracia 776 are all present

  • Different color palettes for some maps and all portraits (incomplete)

  • 19xx is available in Eliwood Mode

  • Gerald


PROJECTFIXFE7 1.emulator-2


Is matthew’s crush playable?