[FE7][Unresolvable until further research] AI - Break Wall Then PursueWithoutHeed

Basically, I have some enemies reinforcing inside of a (breakable) walled chamber. So they wouldn’t be able to charge at the player. Is there any way to signal to the game that if they can pusuewithoutheed player units, they should do that, but otherwise break a wall? The AttackWalls AI makes the enemy break a wall… then another… then run away to break more walls…

If the reinforcements arrive on a specific turn, you can use turn events to change them over to a normal AI after they would have broken the wall.

Otherwise, you could give the reinforcements their own character ID, then use an area event to check if a unit with their ID has crossed into the area beyond the broken wall.

Note that the CHAI command only changes the first two AI bytes; so you’d set their initial AI as [0x0,0x1B,0x2,0x0] - ‘Break walls and don’t seek healing’; then CHAI the first two AI bytes to [0x0,0x0].

Alternatively you could experiment with values for the second AI byte to see if you can get the desired effect. Some units in Chapter 20 use [0x0,0x1C,0x9,0x0] - see if that works, and also if you could replace the 0x9 with 0x2 to make them not seek healing.

The problem is, the uits are archers, so I wouldn’t know which tile they’re on. Although, yeah, I guess I could CHAI all the possible spots.

This makes the units get into a position to attack the wall but not actually attack it?

Well, that’s why you could CHAI by character ID; at least in FE8, it’ll change the AI of all units with the specified character ID, so you can use it to change generics’ AI.

Requires making another character slot – not quite what I’m looking for. I just used CHAI on all the possible tiles for the archer to be. But anyway, I guess if the knowledge isn’t out there…

Who’s up for a looong, full ASm dive into FE7’s AI system after FEE3?

I wouldn’t mind helping, haha. I have the feeling that’d be quite an undertaking!

Oh goddddd.


similar to spells it would probably be better to just write new AI from scratch in C or something

Hm, maybe. But any idea how I compile mah C++ code into thumb assembly >.<

Or I can always rewrite the AI in just plain thumb assembly nah definitely not doing that.

hextator has a ton of macros (for C, not C++) that i don’t actually get

they’re in his doc somewhere; i had the beginnings of an API but i never finished it because i never did anything at a big enough scale to warrant actually using C


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