FE7 Unit Limit

I’ve heard that FE7 has a maximum party size of 50, is this true and is there any way to bypass this (change it to 54)?

Based on the very old thread you bumped while asking the same question, the answer is no, you cannot have more than 50 units in fe7 without writing asm.


They did, however, make ExModularSave for fe8 which allows for easier editing of unit save data in ram. This lets skillsystems save extra data for units, and allows for up to 20 NPCs be saved on suspend/resume instead of the vanilla limit of 10. It might be worth taking a look at, though it’s only for fe8 from what I know.

Alright, firstly, sorry for asking the same question twice.

In theory, could you have 50 units + a convoy unit? Because it’s not like it’d be in the unit select screen or anything.

I am guessing the answer is no. Merlinus is still a regular unit with stats that are saved, so he still takes up a slot in your army. He just has a flag on him which prevents him from appearing in the deployment list.

Just tested it out and the preperations screen seems to work fine that way. Admittedly I haven’t rested it out extensively… but, its something I s’pose