FE7 Trade Unit Image not appearing

For some reason, when I go into the trade menu on the prep screen. It looks like this

I’ve seen in other FE7 hacks that the box with items in it usually has a picture of the character in it. (I think its the same in base FE7?) Yet for me it doesn’t. Is there a reason for this?

which chapter does it replace in the base game? If it replaces Lyn mode something may be preventing the trade menu from appearing which can be easily fixed with a patch.

If this is a hack that isn’t made by you, you should report the bug in the hack’s thread, the creator will most likely find a way to fix it and update the download link.

Sorry for the late response, but yeah it is where one of the Lyn mode chapters is, specifically the one where you fight Beyard. And yeah it is a project I’m workin’ on :slight_smile: