[FE7] Skill/Luck Battle Formula Help

Good morning/day/evening/night to anyone reading this.

I am in the process of making a hack using FE7 as a base, and I wanted to balance out some of the things in the rom to make the hack more enjoyable for others. I have heard of how some people were… discontented with the “Luck” stat in general and the “Skill” stat (for without skills was greatly overpowered by its counterpart “Speed”). I have no intentions on putting skills in this hack or eliminating “Luck” or “Skill”. Rather, I would like to give a little boost to “Luck” and “Skill”.

After spending much time researching the stats of FE7, I assume that the stats are more or less numbers that the game’s engine constantly references in formulas (meaning the formulas must be changed in order to change the properties of the stats). I wanted to make slight changes to the battle formulas so that “Skill” and “Luck” would become more useful. Mainly, I wanted to make:

  • “Skill” add 3 points to HIT per stat point, this way it has little more weight in terms of true HIT in contrast to “Speed” while keeping its 0.5 points to CRIT per stat point

  • “Luck” add 2 points to AVOID per stat point (to balance out the “Skill” boost and to make it as important defensively as “Speed”) while adding 0.5 points to CRIT per stat point (to give it more offensive weight and to balance the critical formula, for people around me has constantly pointed out that ‘Luck is so bad it makes Skill worse by cancelling Skill’s crit bonus with only have of its value :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:’)

I have tried to do this before myself, with no results. I have given up after days of torment, but I wanted to know if someone else would be able to get this idea to work. I understand if no one can aid me in this matter (school’s starting back up, work/home life is getting busy, more important matters are occurring, etc.), but I will greatly appreciate any time spent helping me.

I am a very patient person. Please, consider this request as VERY LOW PRIORITY. There are many, many more important things than this to take care of and more deserving people than myself who could use the help.

Thank you,
Tristan Richard Floyd

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It’s not that simple; you’ll need to learn some assembly, then modify the battle routines (which isn’t that hard, but a hex editor isn’t going to be enough).

Jump on the discord if you want to learn assembly, the link’s floating around somewhere. The Ultimate Tutorial also has a good, if outdated, primer for ASM.