[FE7] Rounds of Battle

I don’t know how well other people understand this, and I realize I kinda glossed over it in my battle computations. Buy don’t shy away from this – this is the core of FE’s round system:

(Get ready for a big asm dump.)

08028FB0 B530     push    {r4,r5,r14}
08028FB2 B082     add     sp,-#0x8 @Allocate 2 words of stack space.
08028FB4 F7FFFFE6 bl      #0x8028F84 @Clears the battle buffer
08028FB8 AC01     add     r4,sp,#0x4
08028FBA 4668     mov     r0,r13
08028FBC 1C21     mov     r1,r4
08028FBE F000F833 bl      #0x8029028 @Stores tha attacker pointer and defender pointer into the stack.
08028FC2 4D18     ldr     r5,=#0x203A50C @the battle buffer
08028FC4 6829     ldr     r1,[r5]
08028FC6 2001     mov     r0,#0x1 @"Start of battle"
08028FC8 788A     ldrb    r2,[r1,#0x2]
08028FCA 4310     orr     r0,r2
08028FCC 7088     strb    r0,[r1,#0x2]
08028FCE 9800     ldr     r0,[sp] @r0 is the attacker
08028FD0 9901     ldr     r1,[sp,#0x4] @r1 is the defender
08028FD2 F000F871 bl      #0x80290B8 @This calculates what happens in a round of fighting -- damage, hit, crit, all that. In this case, for the attacker. 
08028FD6 0600     lsl     r0,r0,#0x18 @It will return whether the fight can keep going. 0x1 means the enemy is dead or no weapon or something.
08028FD8 2800     cmp     r0,#0x0
08028FDA D119     bne     #0x8029010 @We can't keep going if r0 is 0x1
08028FDC 6829     ldr     r1,[r5] @Load battle buffer
08028FDE 2008     mov     r0,#0x8 @Set the "Which side is attacking" bit.
08028FE0 880A     ldrh    r2,[r1]
08028FE2 4310     orr     r0,r2
08028FE4 8008     strh    r0,[r1]
08028FE6 9801     ldr     r0,[sp,#0x4] @this time, loads r0 = defender and
08028FE8 9900     ldr     r1,[sp] @r1 = attacker
08028FEA F000F865 bl      #0x80290B8 @Calculates round of battle for the defender.
08028FEE 0600     lsl     r0,r0,#0x18
08028FF0 2800     cmp     r0,#0x0
08028FF2 D10D     bne     #0x8029010
08028FF4 4668     mov     r0,r13
08028FF6 1C21     mov     r1,r4
08028FF8 F000F820 bl      #0x802903C @This checks if you can double. AS difference, not eclipse effect, and not dead enemy. If the defender doubles, it switches the spot of the attacker and defender on stack.
08028FFC 0600     lsl     r0,r0,#0x18
08028FFE 2800     cmp     r0,#0x0
08029000 D006     beq     #0x8029010
08029002 6829     ldr     r1,[r5]
08029004 2004     mov     r0,#0x4
08029006 8008     strh    r0,[r1]
08029008 9800     ldr     r0,[sp] @loads character to double
0802900A 9901     ldr     r1,[sp,#0x4] @loads character to get hit again
0802900C F000F854 bl      #0x80290B8 @Calculates battle/ writes to battle buffer
08029010 4804     ldr     r0,=#0x203A50C @Battle buffer
08029012 6801     ldr     r1,[r0]
08029014 2080     mov     r0,#0x80 @"End of battle" bit
08029016 788A     ldrb    r2,[r1,#0x2]
08029018 4310     orr     r0,r2
0802901A 7088     strb    r0,[r1,#0x2]
0802901C B002     add     sp,#0x8 @deallocate the space we took.
0802901E BC30     pop     {r4,r5}
08029020 BC01     pop     {r0}
08029022 4700     bx      r0

@literals follow

You can read my comments in there for better understanding, but basically, it calculates the round for the attacker, then defender, then if a unit can double, the doubler again.

[click here if you want to download that code with my comments][1]