[FE7] Random stats boost

I noticed this when I was testing my hack:

Some units get a boost in skill, that happens randomly when I suspend and restart the game.
First I thought it was because of the level cap., but the same happens with other units without the cap:

Also, I noticed that Seth gets a Speed boost after he initiate a battle:

And this only happens if he initiate a battle, not when he is attacked.

I don’t have any clue of what’s happening here, any suggestions?

It’s because of FEditor. It somehow butchers stats when you restart chapters while editing the rom with it. Just starting a new game and never using FEditor on your rom while being in that playthrough won’t cause the issue. So basically you’re not doing anything wrong and it will be fine once things are finished.

I know the problem with FEditor, and I think that was fixed in the most recent versions.
Also, the FEditor’s problem increase all the stats, not only the skill, and it definitely don’t give the +2 speed boost.

Well, I’m not the person that would know how to fix it, but maybe you should provide information on what you’ve modified in regards to stats? Any ASM wizardy?

The Seth random speed buff sounds really weird. (you do mean the green +2 right)

The last ASM wizardry I’ve made was this:

But I haven’t touched anything about stats.

That’s right, I don’t know where that came from.

Oh I didn’t look thoroughly enough, whoops. Yeah I’m not sure what it is then~ slowly walks away