[FE7] Promotion based on classes

Did some searching and didn’t find much on this topic so how exactly does the promotion system work in FE7? Are all the class promotions hardcoded to the specific class? EX. cavalier will always promote to paladin? I did some tinkering around in nightmare and change the box that says what class it promotes to and as well as using the custom promotion pointers modules. The only thing I seem to be able to change is what classes are able to use what promotion items.

What I’m trying to do is set promotions based on the classes/character. EX. Cavalier (M) promotes to Great Knight and Cavalier (F) promotes to Paladin. I’m trying to do a classes/character based promotion so each character is different. Could this be done or is there some massive ASM involved?

the 5th byte in the class struct denotes what class to promote to
should be labeled “class to promote to” or something

Pretty sure we made a patch that promotes characters to different classes depending on the item used–and I think it can be edited to change depending on the character too probably.

Ohh so it turns out I didn’t know you had to list both the prepromote and the promoted classes in ascending order in the custom promotion nightmare module for it to work.

And is this the patch you were referring to Agro?

certainly is

ah okay, thanks again guys!