FE7 Promoted Emblem

Look further down for updates.

I’m currently working on a rom hack called “Promoted Emblem”, for FE7, where the basis is that every unit, playable, enemy, and NPC, is… well, promoted.
I’ve mostly gotten the skeleton of the project done, and I plan on working on Lyn to Eliwood Normal mode, and then Hector mode afterwards. Finally after that, Eliwood Hard and Hector Hard modes.

I wanted to know before working on it too much however; should I add classes from FE8 into the rom hack (Great Knights, Wyvern Knights… etc…), and some custom classes (Halberdier as the promoted Soldier as an example), to spice it up a little bit?

Or, should I go purest, and only use classes from FE7 for the rom hack?

Finally, if you have questions about the project, feel free to ask. I’ll accept any and all criticism or skepticism.


Yeah, go with some additional classes to spice it up, since there are no unpromoted units that would otherwise give variety.

I would say add third tiers, but then it would just be the same as vanilla but with inflated stats.

this looks like it could be fun can’t wait to see how this turns out.

I say add other classes. It would be interesting to see the final result.

Question: do you have your own story planned, or will it remain as it is?

The ingame story I don’t plan to change at all. This will be a gameplay rebranding first and foremost.
Perhaps after I’ve completed Eliwood’s and/or Hector’s route, I’ll go back and tune some story bits, but for right now it’s not my goal.
Also sorry for the late reply.

Been working on the Rom Hack, and it has been going quite swell.
A list of accomplishments I have made thus far:

-To balance out the fact you have 20 less levels to gain in vanilla, the Level Cap is now 30.

-Every class has been rebalanced to a point, to allow similar or inefficient classes to provide a useful niche, and/or carve out a true identity (Generals have 6 move and aren’t garbo now as an example).

-Lyn Mode has been completed, and is currently being Playtested. Eliwood mode has been worked up to Chapter 17 (the Boat map). Work on Hector mode has not started yet, and will not begin until Eliwood mode is complete (both normal and hard versions).

-Promotion items, due to the nature of this Rom Hack, instead have a new purpose… They grant passive boosts to those who hold them in their inventory (think Astral Shards from FE12).
Here’s an image to show how they’ll look like ingame.FE7%20Promoted%20Edition5
(Props to Venno for creating the Passive Boosts patch).

-As you may have noticed, poison weapons are now Venin weapons, and are generally an actual threat now. This is merely something I wanted to implement due to vanilla FE7’s (laughably) mediocre poison effect.
You also probably (and more likely noticed) a little Rogue chilling up there. That’s because…

-5 Classes (so far) have been added to the game, to increase enemy variety.
Some of these classes include…

The Rogue, which replaces Thieves. They still need Lockpicks to open chests and doors, but they have canto to easily maneuver themselves into good spaces (particularly useful when stealing).

The Great Knight, which is identical to their Sacred Stones counterpart, except for the fact they have 7 move, not the dumb 6.
Because of this, Paladins now only wield Lances and Swords so that Great Knights can have a purpose.

And last I’ll confirm today, the Halberdier, which replaces soldiers. They’re got good skill, strength, and defense, but no Crit boost. Just like Soldiers, they’re enemy only.

This is all I wanted to show right now, but stay tuned for more. I plan on getting AT LEAST Eliwood Normal mode finished before the end of the month, though I’m not entirely sure if I will release it by then.

Lastly, have a great day.


Just like Soldiers, they’re enemy only.

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