FE7 Native Instrument Soundfont


Made a soundfont based off of the FE7 native instrument map here:

0x01	Piano 2 (Silent Ground) 
0x02	Piano 3 (Enemies Appear) 
0x03	Echoey Piano 1 (Respite in Battle) 
0x04	Echoey Piano 2 (Respite in Battle) 
0x05	????? (One Heart: Eliwood's Theme) 
0x06	Harpsichord (Dragon's Gate II) 
0x07	Harpsichord (More Echoey) (Game OVer) 
0x08	Celesta (Reveive the blessing of water) 
0x09	Glockenspiel (Curing) 
0x0A	Music Box (Requiem) 
0x0B	Music Box 2 (Reminiscence) 
0x0C	Marimba (Happiness Abounds) 
0x0D	Xylophone (Softly with Grace) 
0x0E	Tubular Bells (The Archsage Athos) 
0x0F	Dulcimer (Shop) 
0x10	Drawbar Organ (Legendary Inheritance) 
0x11	Percussive Organ (Victory Now!) 
0x12	Rock Organ (Happiness Abounds) 
0x13	Church Organ (Shadow Approaches) 
0x14	Reed Organ (Campaign of Fire) 
0x15	Accoridan (Going my Way) 
0x16	Bass sounding Organ? (Nabata's Wandering Messenger) 
0x17	Some Organ? (Going My Way) 
0x18	blank 
0x19	blank 
0x1A	blank 
0x1B	Electric Guitar(clean) (Softly with Grace) 
0x1C	Overdriven Guitar 2 (What Comes from Darkness) 
0x1D	Overdriven Guitar (Destiny Enlaced with Fear) 
0x1E	Distortion Guitar (Scars of the Scouring) 
0x1F	Guitar Harmonics (Scars of the Scouring) 
0x20	Acoustic Bass (The Messenger) 
0x21	Electric Bass(finger) (Companions) 
0x22	Electric Bass(pick) (Precious Things) 
0x23	blank 
0x24	Slap Bass 1 (Campaign of Fire) 
0x25	blank 
0x26	Synth Bass (Blessing of the 8 Generals) 
0x27	Acoustic Bass 2 (Land of the Swirling Sands) 
0x28	Resonant Sounding Strings (Winning Road) 
0x29	SynthStrings 3 (Companions) 
0x2A	More Strings? (Rise to the Challenge) 
0x2B	Stacatto Timpani (An Unexpected Caller) 
0x2C	Orchestral Strings (Blessing of the 8 Generals) 
0x2D	Pizzicato Strings (Road of Trials) 
0x2E	Orchestral Strings 2 (Healing) 
0x2F	Timpani (Precious Things) 
0x30	String Ensemble 1 (Companions) 
0x31	String Ensemble 2 (Precious Things) 
0x32	SynthStrings 1 (Precious Things) 
0x33	SynthStrings 2 (Friendship and adventure) 
0x34	Choir Aahs (What comes from Darkness) 
0x35	Voice Oohs (Everything into the Dark) 
0x36	Balanced Choir? (Within Sadness) 
0x37	Choir Hit (Everything into the Dark) 
0x38	Trumpet (Winning Road) 
0x39	Trombone (Binding Ties) 
0x3A	Tuba (Enemies Appear) 
0x3B	Muted French Horn (Binding Ties) 
0x3C	French Horn (Precious Things) 
0x3D	Brass Section (Raise Your Spirits) 
0x3E	SynthBrass 1 (Friendship and adventure) 
0x3F	SynthBrass 2 (Companions) 
0x40	blank 
0x41	blank 
0x42	blank 
0x43	Synth Oboe? (Shop) 
0x44	Oboe (Precious Things) 
0x45	English Horn (Raise Your Spirits) 
0x46	Bassoon (Happiness Abounds) 
0x47	Clarinet (Winds Across the Plains) 
0x48	Distorted Clarinet? (When the Rush Comes) 
0x49	Flute (Companions) 
0x4A	Recorder (Requiem) 
0x4B	Pan Flute (Enemies Appear) 
0x4C	Blown Bottle (Land of the Swirling Sands) 
0x4D	blank 
0x4E	Oboe 2? (Treasured Hope) 
0x4F	Ocarina (Shop) 
0x50	Lead 1 (square) (An Unexpected Caller)
0x51	Lead 2 (sawtooth) (2 or 3 octaves lower) 
0x52	Lead 3 (calliope) (Darkness Comes) 
0x53	blank 
0x54	Lead 5 (charang) (Different from Normal Charang) (Messenger from the Dark)
0x55	Lead 6 (voice) (Distant Travels) 
0x56	blank 
0x57	Really cool synth instrument (Within Sadness)
0x59	Distorted Sounding Brass (Merchant Merlinus) 
0x5A	Some Stacatto Muted Brass sounding thing (Precious Things) 
0x5B	Some Echoey Brass or Trumpet ensemble (Precious Things) 
0x5C	Synth Sounding Brass Section (To the Heights) 
0x5D	Trumpet used in Road of Trials (DUh) 
0x5E	Pad 7 (halo) (Healing) 
0x5F	Synth Tuba? (Destiny Enlaced by Fear) 
0x60	Sounds very similar to 5F? (Destinly Enlaced by Fear) 
0x61	Muted Trombone (Results) 
0x62	Muted French Horn (The Cogs of Fate) 
0x63	Not sure...weird sounding synth brass? (Precious Things) 
0x64	FX 5 (brightness) (Campaign of Fire) 
0x65	Synth Trumpet (Strike) 
0x66	Not sure...weird sounding synth brass (Can also be used as guitar)? (Shadow Approaches) 
0x67	Ireallydunno (Enemies appear, first melody) 
0x68	Sitar (Land of the Swirling Sands) 
0x69	idunnomiddleeasternsounding? (track 3 on Nabata's Wandering Messenger) 
0x6A	More strings (Dragon's Gate I) 
0x6B	more strings? (The Cogs of Fate)// -------------------------------
0x6C	More Synth strings? (Dragon's Gate II) 
0x6D	Distant sounding strings that rise? (Dragon's Gate II) 
0x6E	Pad 7 Halo 2? (lolwut) (Opening: History Unveiled) 
0x6F	blank 
0x70	blank 
0x71	blank 
0x72	blank 
0x73	blank 
0x74	blank 
0x75	blank 
0x76	blank 
0x77	blank 
0x78	More Orchestral drumkit? (Winning Road) 
0x79	Drum kit (more electrical sounding?) 
0x7A	Yet another Drum kit (Fire Emblem Theme) 
0x7B	Another Drum kit? (Not sure what it does differently) (The Cogs of Fate) 
0x7C	Drum kit (Are these even different) (One Heart: Eliwood's Theme) 
0x7D	Another Orchestral Drum kit? (Not sure what it does differently) (Shocking Truth I) 
0x7E	Applause (Arena Entrance) 
0x7F	Drum kit (Precious Things)```