[Fe7] More Map sprite problems

Keks again, I asked for help in this forum once a few days ago and you really helped me so I’m here to ask another one as this new problem is driving me nuts.

Okay this could be rather complicated: The hack that I’m working on with a bunch of guys has 2 mage lords. We overwrote Eliwood and Hector for those two. That is where the first problem appeared the 2nd mage lord(hector) made clunking noises like a knight whenever he walked durning his battle animation, I thought the problem was the animation, though someone on SF said that the cluncking comes from him using Hectors map sprite so we moved him to “0x62 create a new class” on Nightmare.

I tried giving him my custom created map sprite but quickly realised that I can only let him use existing map sprites under the option “use map sprite” in Nightmare. Hectors caused clucking again, so I settled for Eliwood.

Here is where the second problem appeared: The clucking was still there and the moving animation is not working even though I checked everything I can think of.

I’m really hoping for help here. Thanks in advance

So if I understand it right, you have problems with the walking sounds of the map sprite? If so, try Nintenlords Walking sound patch (Nintenlord's Utilities) and apply it.
After that you can easily edit the sound with a nightmare modul (Walking Sounds = Lisandra posted one here, don’t know though if it’s for FE7 oder FE8)

Thanks for the reply, I can’t patch the rom I’m working on, file doens’t match, any solutions?

Yeah, that happens to me all the time. If you using NUPS just the ‘ignore’ field. (Make sure you backup your rom just in case) I believe the patch writes it’s stuff at 0xD70000 so you should also check if you have touched this area and move the data elsewhere, if you have it there.

I’ve actually tried that before, but for some reason it doesn’t change it

(Working on the same project as Keks)