[FE7] Mine item mechanics

So I have been playing around with editing mines, while working on a sapper/demolition type class. By changing values in nightmare the only thing that really seems to be easily editable is the number of uses, so could someone with more knowledge let me know if any of the following are even remotely possible?

-Changing damage. I have seen the post about editing poison damage so is it possible to change mine damage in a similar way?
-Locking it to a certain class or character. I know its possible to do this for weapons but does it also work for usable items.
-When using mines it seems like it just changes the tile you select into a trap tile, Would it be possible to make it change a selected tile to a totally different tile? For Example, you could use it to change a wall tile into a floor tile to simulate blowing it up.

Also would any of these affects be easier to add to a new custom weapon or item, Like a class locked weapon that can switch tiles?

Very easy

A little more difficult; would take editing of the usability routine, but still fairly easy.

I don’t know if that’s what happens. I don’t think this is as feasible. Difficult.

Umm… Maybe if we figure out how to trigger map changes from assembly code?

Mine Damage: 0x034378

The animation seems to be hardcoded to show 10 damage always.

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Change this to the mine damage as well to control the graphics display.

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So you’re saying that I need to change the values at 0x34378 to alter the damage the animation takes? Also what would I change it to? I don’t really know how to read any of this, so far the only hex editing I’ve done is re-pointing tables.


Both these locations are 0xA.
Change them to however much damage you want the mine to do.


Oh, didn’t realize it was that simple. Just tried it and it worked perfectly.