[FE7] Make Canto work on Chests

[4:12:13 PM] Crazy Colorz: Write “00 00” to 03454A

What this does is that it writes “01” to the unit action, making it look like the unit just used “wait”. I remove that.

Hold on a minute. I had no problem with Erk activating canto after using a Chest Key in Pent’s tale.

In the public patch? Or in the one in the dropbox right now? Because we’ve updated it for the one in the dropbox.

I downloaded the patch from the first page of the Serenes topic about 2 hours ago.

Could this just have been a simple mistake of thinking Erk had 8 move instead of 7?

Also, did you mean to say address 034546?
08034546 = mov r0, #0x1
0803454A = strb r0, [r1, #0x11]

No. I just need to stop it from storing it into the 0x11th byte of the movement data. I don’t want to mess up the subsequent write to the 0x16th byte. Try testing it from this save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92273434/Erk%20Canto.sav

Alright. I was testing the Warp and Light Rune chests near the beginning.
Canto works fine with those chests without changing 03454A.

When I opened the Bolt Axe chest in the save: canto doesn’t work until I make the change at 03454A.

I wonder why these chests are causing different behavior?