[FE7] Looking for dancer ring weapon check

Hi there,
I was looking for a way to change the weapon type check for the dancers. Instead of 0x0C I wanted to use 0x0A, but I’m failing to find the actual check. Does some one know where it is and maybe can rewrite the check?

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Well, I found the check for it in FE8.
Changing the 0x0C at 0x24B32 to in another let you display other items then the dancer rings. Change the 0x10 at 0x025B62 and the 0x11 0x025B72 to 0xFF to make the dance unable to refresh units next to them.

In FE7 change the 0x10 at 0x02447A and the 0x11 at 0x02447E to 0xFF if you don’t want the character supposed to be able to dance. The Weapon check is at 0x023702. Change the 0x0C to the weapon you want to display instead of the rings. I experienced a few crashes, when I tested it with a heal staff and a unit that had full HP, so I still have to take a look at that.

EDIT: SOLVED. Change the byte at 0x21FEC to the weapon ID you want to display instead of the dancer rings.