[FE7] Level Cap Modifier

If you use the Nightmare module to edit the level cap, units who start at the cap will bypass it. Go to byte 179A0, which should be at 0x14 by default. Edit this byte to be equal to your current level cap, and units who start capped won’t be able to bypass it.

https://www.mediafire.com/?fw2i927fabvfe5d <–Here’s a nightmare module for it.

[spoiler=if you like discord pm logs…]

Tequila- Today at 9:35 PM

you were the guy who had the problem with dudes starting at lvl 30 not having – exp, right

Darrman- Today at 9:35 PM


Tequila- Today at 9:35 PM

go to 179A0 and see if that says 0x1E or 0x14

Darrman- Today at 9:36 PM

Change to 1E, I suppose?

Alright, it’s 1E and they actually cap at 30.



Perfect. [/spoiler]

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