[fe7] items/unit draft 3/21/15


Now after Cam takes the Elysian Whip JUST TO SPITE ME (he gets a free use and only has heath anyway! He doesn’t need it!!), here are my picks:

Now let’s get this underway.

A note on scoring, each turn is worth 20 EXP points. You get 150 free turns before they start actually counting, but I suck enough for that to not matter.

i was planning to take orion bolt too but i forgot

Grabbing the tactician bonus for Lyn, Wil, Fiora, and Hawkeye.

Must get rid of this… yes…

Go away.

Start of turn 2.

Start of turn 3 – Eliwood critical-ed the archer, but Rebecca missed the Bandit.

Start of turn 4. I just had Lowen rescue Bartre to keep him out of the way since neither are supposed to do anything. I feel that that’s acceptable, right?

Start of turn 5 – Marcus clearing a path.

Start of turn 6 – Everything ded

Cleared in 7 turns.

Better get rid of these…

Not using Bartre.

Start of turn 2. Let’s start meeting those enemies. Grabbed the secret book because that IS on my list of things I can use.

Turn 3. Marcus killed an enemy on the peak.

First level up!

Turn 4. I get the best unit in the game.

Let me dispose of that for you…

Turn 5. Hector already doing some work.

Turn 6. He is hunting those enemies down.

Look at this beast.

Turn 8.

I retreated slightly. Time for a shopping spree! 2x Iron Axe, 1x Iron Sword

Turn 9.

Marcus weaken, Hector fini-- oh wait he missed.

Turn 10, the counterattack finished it.

Look at this beast, doubling mooks already.

That was chapter 12, cleared in 10 turns (lol I suck).

Item stuff…

End of Turn 2. Having eliwood go left.

End of Turn 3.

Start of turn 5.

Eliwood succeeds in saving the village. Turn 6.

Turn 7. No one will die from this exchange.

Turn 8, Guy is gotten.

This makes me so sad.

Turn 9.

Turn 10.
Yeah, Hector and one-round this. I milk some EXP from the iron axe while eliwood takes his sweet time up north.

Turn 11… come on eliwood…

Turn 12, ok, finally.

Turn 13. Look at this god among men. (Also I have to give him the secret book).

I will be taking the gaiden. As long as I get 20 exp/turn, it’s profitable.

Hmm, this is a cool idea. I might do a variant of it if I ever do a solo FE7 lp by myself, for challenge. I’ll just slap all the weapons in a list and some specific items, and then randomize the list, then use only the top 30 items. Very interesting topic, love the creativity!