FE7 How to move units that still move after seize, talk, battle, etc

So a lil while ago, I asked the question how to move units when greyed out, when I really mis-asked the question.

So, during a conversation, the unit doing the talk is still in the running animation. This makes it so that moving the unit is impossible, at least for me.

Same thing for killing off a boss: If I want to make an event that makes the boss’ killer warp to a different location right after killing the boss, it doesn’t work because the unit who killed the boss is still in the running animation as I mentioned above. I have not found a remedy for this situation aside from making the event happen the turn after, but it feels and looks choppy.

Is there any way to make the unit who seizes, kills, or talks, immediately move after that said action is performed?


What I would do is use area events:

  • Set your area event to use an event ID, for example 0x20
  • Set this ID to true at the beggining of the chapter, this will prevent the event from triggering unless you set it to false again.
  • Make the event you already have turn this event ID false.

When the event ends, the unit will end their turn and the area event will activate, however this won’t work if they have canto and can move out of the way unless you use an asmc to end their turn.

When you get all of that working (except the canto thing) let me know and I’ll make an “end current’s unit turn” asmc for you.

Alright I think I did what you said:

AREA 0x0 CorrinKrisConvo [10,10] [10,10]

CURF Lowen
TEX1 0x884
MUS1 0x50
MOVENEXTTO Lowen Eliwood
CURF Eliwood
TEX1 0x886
IFYN 0x21
ELSE 0x22
ENIF 0x21
ENIF 0x22

But the only slight problem is: I want only farina to step on that space, but everyone can activate it. How would I fix that?

I don’t do much eventing so I don’t really know how to go about that, if you ever want to do something just look at what you got available to you in EA standard library and the language raws folders, or look at already existing chapters.

Most people hack FE8 though, so you might not get as much help.

What you need is a conditional. In this case, IFCA (If character)

The format for a normal conditional (let’s use IFCA) would be the following

IFCA 0x0 (Conditional ID) (Character ID)
      (Events to run if this is the specified character)
ENIF (Conditional ID)

You could put Farina in the character ID, put an arbitrary conditional ID in, and insert your events. This will make the events run only if Farina steps on it. However, if anyone else steps on it, they won’t run those events, but they will trigger the event ID on your AREA event. If that event ID is triggered, then Farina won’t be able to step on it on a following turn.
This means we need an ELSE statement to make sure that if someone else steps on your space, they won’t trigger that event ID.

IFCA 0x0 (Conditional ID 1) (Character ID)
      (Events to run if this is the specified character)
ELSE (Conditional ID 2)
ENIF (Conditional ID 1)
     (Events to run if this is NOT the specified character: Unset the event ID from your AREA event)
ENIF (Conditional ID 2)

Just fill this in and put this under CorrinKrisConvo, and you should be good to go. :ok_hand: