[FE7] How to make a unit disappear from prep screen and reappear later?

Say I want to make a character named Bob disappear after chapter 2 and return in chapter 10, retaining the EXP/stats/inventory from up until he left after ch.2

I thought I knew how to do this with UNCR Bob 0x4 for him to disappear, and to bring him back, you would use UNCM Bob 02.

I tried using this to bring 2 characters back, but they didn’t appear and i couldn’t load them as units for cutscenes since the game still had those 2 units as disappeared.

Usually the UNCR thing works, but i’ve never tried to load a unit back into the game/prep screen (for story purposes) many chapters later, and it didn’t work.

Has anyone tried this themselves? Is there a way to do this in FE7 with events?

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Hmm, I know what you want to do. I think I tried something like this in FE7 myself. What I did was to set the condition of the Unit to 4 (Dead). Now I see that this is stupid because what is if the unit is actually dead, because I used the command to change unit groups for the next chapter. Well this were my first times with FE7 I guess :joy:

But I did this in FE8 myself and load a Unit on the Map even though it were not deployed with the UNCR command by adding it through patches. But after looking in the Event I figured out I didn’t use UNCR, but I am pretty sure I did have something like your Problem because I had a Problem where a Unit was on the Map but the unit phase ended before I moved the Unit because it didn’t count as a deployed Unit.

All in all, I think one of the things I ticked here or all could work by using UNCR could work but I am not sure. I don’t know if you tried these I ticked.

I hope this work. If not I look for something other or maybe try to replecate what you did to test this.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t hack in FE7. However, my hacks have a lot of party switching, and so I think the flag you want set on the removed units is the escaped flag, which is UNCM 10000. In FE8, removing characters from the party is done with the REMU command, which sets the escape flag, so in theory, that would work in FE7.

l had figured this out last year. The answer is basically UNCM and UNCR as expected, but you gotta set or unset Escape+Tequila’s Capture (0x4010000). Setting Escape hides the unit from prep screen, but it also sets Tequila’s Capture, which also sets Escaped…meaning you can’t bring a unit back unless you unset both. l go into detail about it in the following post, but that’s the gist of it: How to bar a unit from a chapter? - #14 by Kemui52

Primefusion gave me an assist here, and it turns out in FE7, I was using the wrong code. For reference to others trying to do the same thing in FE7: the codes you want are

UNCM CHAR_ID 0x04 // Hide them from the roster
UNCR CHAR_ID 0x04 // restore them to the roster

In my case I just had to UNCR them in the chapter beforehand so they appeared in the prep screen for the chapter i wanted them in. Not sure if that needs to happen, but that’s how it worked for me.