[FE7] How do I Fade Out Then Back in to a Conversation?

What I’m trying to achieve is in the middle of a conversation have the screen fade to black then fade back in and the conversation continue.
So for example the conversation flow I’m looking for would be like:
Char1:“Tell me what happened.”
Char2: “Well I was on my way to town…”
Screen fades to black
Black screen fades back in
Char2: “… and that’s how I ate 300 pizza rolls.”

So far my attempts to do so always end up showing the map. I am using FEBuilder.

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It took me a while, but I think I made a solution for this. Here’s what it looks like in FEBuilder.

To start, you need to set a background separately from the dialogue. Next, you’ll need to stop the player from skipping scenes/dialogue to prevent the second set of dialogue from being skipped, which will break the rest of the event.
After the initial talk event (make sure you select the TEXTSHOW+TEXTEND event, not the one with REMU or whatever) you can do your standard fade to/from black.
This last part will change depending on what you want. I put the allow skipping command here, but you can put it after the second set of dialogue if you’d like.
The second set of dialogue is unique. To start with, it needs to be the TEXTSHOW2 command (At least from what I’ve tested). Next, do NOT put in the “Display Left Middle/Right Middle” commands. The dialogue looks better this way in-game, but the dialogue won’t show you a preview in FEBuilder.

After all of the dialogue is done, you’ll have to end it with the “Conversation End [REMA]” and fade to black. If you want to have any more events after this, make sure to use the “Erase Background” command. Hope this helps!


You can interrupt an in progress dialogue scene to do whatever you want by typing [LoadOverWorldFaces] into your dialogue.

After [LoadOverWorldFaces], the game will start reading from the event script without closing the dialogue. Once it reaches a resume command it will start playing the dialogue again.

You can interrupt and go back into the dialogue multiple times.

You will need to start with the low layer text command. In order to see it in FEBuilder, you will need to check the display low layer box.