[FE7] How can i call a event with an ASM routine?

I’m trying to edit the menu commands, I do not know much about ASM, but I already know how to edit the usability and effect of the command, I made the usability check in a table if the active unit is in certain coordinates in a certain chapter, and that The effect changes on the ram where the event IDs are, to call an event with an AFEV.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/39a159c1080543bdafaf4e2b718584b583cd07a8.png" width="300 height=“150”>

But what I want is to add a pointer to the table with the event I should read in that case, my question is, how can I call an event from a routine if I know its address? I do not know if I keep it in some of the variables or write it in some direction of the ram

Call its handler, but now that you do not know about what you are doing…

Emmmmm. Nice Tuto. Definitely worthy for a bookmark! :grinning: