I play on my mac (Open Emu) and I have basically all of the hacks downloaded and have had zero issue. I simply can’t figure out how to load a Save State with Hector Hard Mode for unlocked to my emulator! plz halp :frowning:

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Are you sure you actually have a save STATE and not a battery save file? Because it’s usually .sav files that get shared around since they generally work on any emulator, whereas save states tend to be emulator specific.

To use a .sav, just rename it the same as your rom file, so FE7.gba = FE7.sav. (You’ll have to delete any previous .sav for the game, or just rename it if you’d rather keep it.)

If you don’t have a .sav… it’s probably easiest to just download one; i’m pretty sure gamefaqs has a bunch to choose from.

(If you are certain you do in fact have a save state, and that it’s one that works with open emu, the load function is usually under the File menu, but i can’t help you with specifics. Try reading the manual?)

Here’s a safe file with Hector Hard Mode unlocked.

Rename it to the same thing your FE7 rom is named, then put it in OpenEmu’s save file folder. Here’s a guide on that.


Bless you <3

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