FE7: Hectic Mode

“Didn’t this person just post another project?” Yes I did, allow me to explain.

I orginally planned to do an FE8 hack and I still do, but I’ve always wanted to mess with FE7. Now that probably sounds dumb, why would I WANT to hack a game that is basically inferior in the hacking perspective. The answer is nostalgia, FE7 was my first Fire emblem game and while I have realized it’s faults, I still want to do something in it just to let it know I havn’t forgot about it. So yes while I know FE7 is not as great in hacking features, I’m still gonna do this, plus this is a lot more laid back then the blitz and my other project.

So lets answer some questions:

What is Hectic Mode?
Put simply it’s FE7, but with the diffculty increased(and the game balanced around said increase), basically i always felt that FE7 outside of HHM was a bit too easy for my liking. And even in HHM after a certain point you start stomping, which felt wrong to me. There will be new things added, but for the most part the story will be untouched. I’ll address what will be new as I go down this list.

How’d you come up with the name?

Take Hector cut out tor, take the tic in Lunatic, boom Hectic mode is born.

What modes will you be changing?

Eliwood mode. Now i know you are going “Hold up, it’s called Hectic mode, shouldn’t you be changing Hector Mode?” . Well probably, but I’ve always preferred Eliwood mode(especially since even in Hector Mode, its still Eliwood’s story), and felt it needed the increase the most. I’m not saying I won’t do Hector’s mode at one point, but Eliwood’s is my first goal.

And what about Lyn’s mode?

I might do it at one point, but it’s not a priority, for now I’m either gonna remove or just skip it. Mainly since I need to factor in how big an advantage if any you should get by playing it.

Will the story be altered?

The goal is to change it as little as possible, but their may or may not be new chapters/gaidens that add a little but nothing that should change the overall plot.

If you aren’t doing HM does that mean Karla and Farina won’t be in the hack?

See I want to include em, its just a question of A) Can i get the Karla event to run in Eliwood mode, and B) Can I make the Hector exclusive chapter with Farina available in both modes. The answers probably yes, but if not I can always change how they join.(creative libertys ho), unless people are opposed to that.

Will you be adding new units?

Simple answer, probably not. Long answer, maybe 2 or 3 but that’s it and ONLY if I can make em make sense in the story. Like I’d love to see another merc besides Raven in the game, but I’d need to find a good way to add em in. Plus then i have to write supports and thats a whole new beast.

How will existing units change?

Diffrent bases, growths, and for some changed classes. The units will typically mirror their orginal FE7 counterparts just scaled to accomdate the diffculty.Example: Lowen is gonna be an Axe Cav, but he’ll still have simliar(but scaled) bases, and his growths(while increased) will still focus on Defense. He will also still become a paladin(No i will not be adding great knights. Why? Because I don’t feel like adding a class that is basically the same as a Paladin just with less move and slightly diffrent stats. Especially since it’d be a lot harder to diffrentiate them here then in FE8, I like Great Knights, but it’d be a lot more work to make them not be just a worse Paladin in this game, then simply not use them, besides, we aren’t losing anything of too much importance.) I’m trying to make as few drastic class changes as possible, while still changing it up. Some charecters who suck too much in regular FE7 will get buffed to make em more relavent, Karla especially comes to mind(I mean you do all that work and get a mediocre unit, never seemed right to me. Plus shes the sword demon’s sister, she should at least be decent). So overall while there will be some changes they should function simliarly to their orginal FE7 counterparts, maybe with some slight added buffs.

Will this be like Lunatic mode in awakening?

My god I hope not, I’m looking to challenge the player, not drive them insane. FE13 while fun for certain reasons, Lunatic was not one of em. If anything it will be closer to FE Fates Conquest Lunatic, enemies are very tough, but still relativly fair. At least thats my goal.

Will any existing chapters change?

Some might, but not drastically. They may have new enemies and reinforcements and(extremly rarely) an additional side objective. I will usaually try and use what exist first before I add anything. The general layouts will stay the same.

UPDATE: Some chapter maps will be completely new, i changed my mind, objectives will probably stay the same, but layouts will be diffrent.

Anything minor you will be adding?

-Bronze weapons(Terrible MT, high durability, no crits for wielder, but reduces enemy crit chance)(Depends how much work this will be and if it’s possible.)
-master seals promote all classes, except lords, who will still use heaven seals
-Talk conversations(If I feel like writing them and they make sense)
-changing holy/legendary weapons(Mainly making Durandal not weigh Eli down as much, and the Sol Katti not suck In general)
-some additional drops and stealables
-If possible remove the forced promo at CoD and make it earlier or so that a heaven seal may be used to promote before then. Maybe just make it so if he’s promoted by then he promotes to the same class and his level resets, but he gains no bonuses(Simple enough, just remake Knight Lord as another class and make it’s bonuses be zero.Honestly this is how I wish they handled it)
-Improved promotion bonuses(partly due to diffculty, partly due to the fact they are very underwhelming in the base game
-changed shop inventories
-Secret Events(What do they do? Well they wouldn’t be secret if i told ya would they :stuck_out_tongue: as the versions release I’ll include a good guide to each of em for those who don’t want to hunt for em. Just know some might be famliar, but none will give game breakin rewards or anything like that)
-anything else I think would be a good idea.

I think that covers a lot of it. You might think its a lot, but it’s pretty easy stuff, most of which I know how to do. I guess you’re just wondering, when can I try it? Well my goal is to get the first 2 chapters (11-12)ready for testing by the end of the week after this post, so March 16th(is that right?). By then I’ll release it ,get criticism, fix things, and then work on the rest when I don’t feel like working on the blitz(or my later FE8 project). Any thoughts on my general plans, like ideas for things I should add or remove, or questions? Feel free to reply and let me know. i’ll be updating this as I make progress, I’ll probably start tommorow morning(March 9th?I never remember what the date is, I usaually go by day of the week ), and will add images of the new Chapter 11 changes when I feel it’s ready.

Oh and I’m aware others have done simliar hacks, but I want to do my own, hopefully diffrent ,version of it.


Oh btw, if anyone has a better name then Hectic Mode, I’m considering suggestions.

Chapter 11 changelog so far(I’ll be editing the next few chapters in this one reply to save space,also no stats are changed yet, figured I’ll do that last):
-Eliwood uses lances now, with swords being given on promotion(At rank C). I may change something so the legendary weapon he gets makes sense. I might not, but imo it makes a little less sense for him to get a sword as his legendary when he’ll be mainly using lances. Plus I just realized I have to change some dialogue to accomdate this change, regardless of if I change his legendary or not.
-Lowen uses axes, and now joins with an Iron Axe, and two Vulneraries. I considered giving him a hand axe but decided to not. I might get rid of a healing item for a Hand Axe, once I finish changing em so they aren’t overly useful.
-Gronznyi now has a Halberd
-2 bandits spawn near the fort by the boss after 6 turns, cureently this only happens once. They use Iron Axes
-Some Bandits are equipped with steel axes now, while others have Hand Axes. Archers now have Steel Bows, and will be getting a con increase to con, so they aren’t weighed down as much by them.
-Changed Marcus’s Weapon Ranks, he now has B lances, D Swords, and E Axes(I might revert this, but my goal was to try and make him more a lance specialist instead of god of all weapons,)
-Added more items to the shop, unsure if they are gonna be any use, but hey better than just vulneraries right?
-added a flat 5% growth boost to all growths on all units available so far. Was tempted to do 10% but i decided to wait and see if that is nescarry.

Status: Close to done(and by done I mean testable, I’m still gonna do more than this), mainly just gotta change stats and it should be ready. I know it’s not too diffrent, atm, but its the first chapter, and I don’t want to get TOO crazy, future chapters will be altered to greater degrees. Expect Chapter 12 to have at least twice the changes, probably more. Screenshots coming monday, since my weekends are usaually to busy to work on it.

Also I just realized I only lowered Marcus’s Lances by one rank really. My bad, not a very notable change. I forgot he had D swords and E Axes already.

Just a heads up this project will be moving to the FE8 engine, I am aware someone else is porting FE7 , but since i plan to change things including maps now, I think our projects will be diffrent enough to be separate things.

You know, according to FGO, Durindana is the spear that eventually became the sword Durandal. You could use that. However … it’s wielded by Hector …

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