FE7 Hard Mode With Normal Deployment

Hey everyone. Do you ever feel like playing FE7 on Hard Mode, but you hate dealing with the extremely limited deployment slots the game gives you? Here’s a patch that lets you play on Hard with the deployment slots from Normal. Additionally, enemies on Lyn and Eliwood’s Hard Modes will have the same power increase as Hector Hard Mode enemies. All modes are selectable from the start.

FE7 Control.emulator-0
FE7 Control.emulator-1FE7 Control.emulator-2

Additionally, many of Der’s and Greentea’s character specific animations have been implemented and all portraits have been swapped for Eldritch Abomination’s FE8 color portraits.

FE7 Control.emulator-3FE7 Control.emulator-4

I did make a few other tweaks. Assassins can steal (there’s also a Fell Contract in 19x Part 2); Unpromoted units can reach S Weapon Level and S Ranks are unlimited; a few characters that have a rough start got a boost to base stats, Wil and Rebecca being the most pronounced with Wil starting with high strength and Rebecca starting with high speed.

Most unpromoted mages got an additional weapon rank (for fun) and the timing when some tomes become available was tweaked. Tome weight was also lowered across the board to resemble FE6 tome weight.

Erk starts with a Dark Rank
Serra starts with an Anima Rank
Lucius starts with an Anima Rank
Canas starts with a Staff Rank: also he starts with the Sleep Staff in his inventory and the visit that gave the Sleep Staff was changed to a Guiding Ring
Nino starts with a Light Rank

FE7 Control.emulator-6FE7 Control.emulator-7

Priscilla has the highest Move of any magic user and did not receive a new weapon type.

Otherwise the game is unaltered. Hopefully those changes aren’t too off-putting to anyone who wants to play hard with more deployment slots.

Other Assets Used

GabrielKnight-Hoodless Hybrid Mage
Ririk-Serra Magic
Mr Night48-High Magus
Temp-Hoodless Shaman
Ash3Wl/L95-Staff Shaman Map Sprite

Give it a try if it interests you. It’s based on the US version of FE7.

Download Link

Edit: I just wanted to add that anyone can feel free to use this as a base for your own FE7 projects (to save time inserting custom animations or changing deployment). This was just something that I wanted to make for myself but thought I might as well share it.