[FE7] Getting Hybrid Classes to play nice?

So I’m building a hack, and one of the things I’m looking to include are Jugdral-style Paladins. I’ve added the Mag = Res hack to my hack, and while things on that front look okay, I’ve been having issues with the animations playing nice when I put Sword and Staff together. Ergo:


I wonder what to do…

Have you tried installing the Might and Magic patch that comes with FEditor? It’s not an autopatch, IIRC, so you’ll have to install it manually.

Tried using it, animations are still wonky.

I’ve used it before when trying to implement hybrid classes before and it seems to stop working correctly every time I go into Nightmare and edit something.

I seem to recall someone saying that the str/mag fix that comes with FEditor is broken/doesn’t work properly. Does anyone happen to have the one that does work?

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