[FE7] Getters for Stat With Equip Bonus

I stumbled upon these offsets when doing my res-replaces-mag hack for @Agro. Blazer’s passive bonus also seems to write to routines close to these. (0x018B80 and 0x018BA0)(Though it uses a hard check against the item slot) So I might as well document it here. They’re pretty evenly spaced and it’s easy to find the routine for the stat you need(just look around the routines in the logical order… there’s a clear ldr command that tells you what offset in the bonuses it’s looking)

801606C grabs the str bonus(bonus only)
801611C grabs the res bonus

8018AD0 grabs str+bonus
8018B90 grabs res+bonus

80184B4 grabs range for Mag/2 range staves. This one is different because it divides the number by two and sets it to 5 if it is less than 5.