[FE7/FE8] Setting experience gain from doing no damage to 0 instead of 1

Does the EXP calculation routine have a step where “if no damage dealt, then EXP = 1,” or is this something way more complicated?

Bonus: what about FE5-style EXP gain, where dealing no damage yields the same amount of EXP as a non-fatal round of combat?

Yeah there’s a part of the routine that sets the min to 1 and the max to 100. Don’t have the location offhand but it’s in my notes somewhere

FE8: because I had the source commented for a hack already:

Change 02C574 to EXP given for no damage/miss.

For FE5 style gain, change 2C56A to 01 20 (this will also give exp for missing)

Applying crazycolorz’s answer to FE7:

No damage exp value at 029F4E
FE5 style: at 029F44 change to 01 20

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