[FE7/FE8] Prevent Dance from refreshing other Dancers/Bards

Topic title is fairly self explanatory. I’d like a way to prevent bards and dancers from refreshing each other. For FE8 is most preferable, but for FE7 might be useful too if Blazer ever wants to edit that into Sacred Contention. (He won’t XD)

I do for sure need it mostly for FE8 though. Maybe the Refresh effect won’t work on another person with REfresh, much like how there’s an item effect byte for Dragonstones that prevents them and Hammerne’s from being Hammerne’d?

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Sounds relatively simple and I would do it, but I’m sure CC will beat me to it and there’s no point in making two hacks for the same thing

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the twist was, it was me who made it

This will slightly expand the dance usability check (in FE8) so that units with the Dance ability can’t be refreshed themselves.



Thanks, buddy.

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