[FE7/FE8] Gaiden style promotion gains?

Is it possible to change the promo system so that instead of applying a class-based promotion bonus to each stat, it’s changed to one like Gaiden/SoV’s where stats are added if your unit is below certain benchmarks.


Soldier has base stats of 20 HP/5 Str/0 Mag/3 Skl/3 Spd/6 Def/0 Res. It promotes to Armor with base stats of 27 HP/11 Str/0 Mag/7 Skl/5 Spd/13 Def/2 Res, so assuming a unit gained zero stats before promo, then their promo gains would be 7 HP/6 Str/0 Mag/4 Skl/2 Spd/7 Def/2 Res, but never more than those.

If so, would it be possible to change the promo routine to reflect this?

Yes. It would require assembly hacking, though. Not particularly hard, I imagine.

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