[FE7] FE5-Style Growth Altering Items

I was thinking of adding items that, like the FE5 Scrolls, would alter a characters growths, either plus or minus a stat. For example, a scroll that sits in your inventory and gives +10% MAG/STR growth, but also takes away -15% SPD, etc.

Anyone done something like this already?

Blazer did something like that a year ago or so

Where did he post it?

he didn’t

So we must go on a super secret mission to steal Blazer’s hax!

Well Blazer has repeatedly (and kinda dickishly) responded to any question regarding a hack with: “I don’t hack anymore.” So good luck with that super secret mission. Go hire some Anonymous hacker on the dark web to raid his files? idk bruhs.

My sense of time is shot, but I swear it feels like blazer quit hax longer than a year ago…

I think I might have something on it somewhere. I’ll look later