[FE7] FE Fates weapon nerf

I was wondering if someone is interested on making the nerfs from Fates to GBA, specifically:

[x] Can’t do double attacks
[x] Can’t do criticals
[] Half of Str/Skl after use
[] Negative dodge/avoid bonus
[] Negative AS bonus

I think this would be a neat feature, balancing some weapons and adding variety.

Also, I don’t know if is possible to make that some units can’t be attacked by certain weapons.

There’s already a “can’t double” patch, I believe it was made by Blazer.

It was made by me.
Edit; Here’s a link to the thread with the cannot double effect: Crazycolorz5's Dump of ASM Crap

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Out of these, the Cannot Critical skill one is really easy so I’ll do that quickly. To use it, set the weapon’s critical to 0xFF(255) in nightmare and it should be unable to critical.

//0xFF Critical is Cannot Crit hack for FE7.

ORG 0x28D00
BYTE 0x10 0xB5 0x04 0x1C 0x00 0x22 0x48 0x30 0x00 0x88 0xEE 0xF7 0x0D 0xFB 0xFF 0x28 0x0F 0xD0 0x15 0x21 0x61 0x56 0xCA 0x0F 0x89 0x18 0x49 0x10 0x0A 0x18 0x20 0x68 0x61 0x68 0x80 0x6A 0x89 0x6A 0x08 0x43 0x40 0x21 0x08 0x40 0x00 0x28 0x00 0xD0 0x0F 0x32 0x66 0x23 0x1A 0x53 0x10 0xBC 0x01 0xBC 0x00 0x47

Copy this to a text file and use EA to insert it into a ROM. (Or download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p5ol4avnq7pl4ra/0xFF%20Cant%20Critical.txt?dl=0 )



For the others, are they possible to do?

I’ve done them in FE8
Um, the Str/Skl debuff takes having more space in the save data or fitting it into the unit struct.

Negative Dodge/Avoid bonus is easily doable but a bit more incolved, and you need to decide where you’re keeping the data.

Negative AS bonus, same thing, you need to decide if you’re making it a weapon ability or storing it in a table or what…

For the Dodge/Avoid and AS, having a table would be very convenient, assigning different bonus depending on the weapon.

For the Str/Skl debuff, I don’t have idea if that would interfere with the 255 class patch (IIRC that patch modified the save data in my hack), --well, assuming you’ll help me with this.–

Sorry, this is probably the farthest I’ll go. I’m too busy modding FE8.

At least I tried

My bad. Thanks dude.