[FE7] Farina Emblem - It's FE7 except there's more of the best character

Now, I am going to assume (I know, not usually a good idea) that this concept of changing every playable character to a specific one without many major changes has happened before.

I’m not claiming this hack to be good.
In fact, I’d call it a low quality shitpost.
But, I made it, and it was designed to be made complete as fast as possible, so it was done.
I did not put much effort into this nor am I claiming to.
It’s pretty much just a joke I’m putting on to FEU because I want to have made something so far.

-Every Playable unit, Boss, NPC is Farina.
-They all use Farina’s base stats, regardless of when or where the unit joins, although prepromotes were changed to be Falcoknights. This means that the early game will be a cakewalk.
-Lyn and Hector modes have been edited the most thoroughly in terms of boss and unit recruitments- eliwood mode should still be functional and working ofc but it may not be complete.

If anyone somehow decides to play this, please tell me if I messed up any units.

Here’s the patch: Farina Emblem.ups

Thanks for anything this ever gets in terms of engagement.


Well, guess I will have to give it a try.

Edit: Btw, you should post the patch itself, and not an already patched rom.

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Crap, did I post a rom?
Oops I am going to fix that right away, please don’t kill me feu mods

Edit: It should be fixed now, oops

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Yep, now is fixed.

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I forgot to change Karel and Harken in Kenneth’s map, I’m updating the .ups because that was a stupid mistake

Edit: There we go, that’s all done, I’ll stop editing the .ups now.

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