[FE7] Enemy/NPC Luck

Is there a way to enable the enemies and NPCs to gain luck?
And it would be possible to enable or disable it depending on the character? (E: Morphs can’t get luck)

Try the hex in this post.
If that doesn’t do it, I remember there being a autolevel luck fix out there. Try Googling/Searching here?

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That works pretty well, and I figured out how to prevent certain unit from gaining luck (Just setting 0 luck growth will do the trick)

EDIT: Ok, enemy characters and NPC gain Luck based on Character growth, but generic units gain Luck based on Class growth, and I need to change that. How?

Enemies/NPCs should be gaining luck based on their class growths (I know mine are).
One solution for generics is to not autolevel them and manually assign their stats.

Yo, are you really copying my schtick? Generics are my thing.

But I want to make generic units gain luck based on the character growth, in that way I can set certain characters (the Morphs) to not gain luck.

–Don’t worry, I dropped that idea long ago.–

Something I made a while ago. Paste this at 0x17ACA, and autoleveled units with the Morph ability (0x8 in Ability 3) will have 0 Luck:

C0 B4 06 26 60 68 80 19 C0 7E 29 1C 11 F0 95 FD 37 19 00 2E 00 D1 7F 1E F9 7C 40 18 F8 74 76 1E F0 D5 20 68 80 6A 61 68 89 6A 08 43 80 21 09 03 01 40 00 29 02 D0 60 7E 00 20 60 76 C0 BC 30 BD 00 00 00 00 00 00


And now it works the way I wanted, thanks.