[FE7] Enabling Physical/Healing Units


[1:46:47 PM] Arch: lol if you pair serra/erk and farina/hector no healers have fun
[1:46:53 PM] Arch: unless
[1:46:56 PM] Arch: to fix this one silly thing
[1:47:09 PM] Arch: I did res -> spi for healers whatever (already done)
[1:47:18 PM] Arch: added the display all weapon types thing (buried in NL’s stuff)
[1:47:26 PM] Arch: and made a lance/staff falco variant
[1:47:33 PM] BwdYeti: lawl
[1:47:50 PM] BwdYeti: inb4 it breaks the rom
[1:49:09 PM] BwdYeti: but yeah I don’t think I would complain much about that
[1:49:35 PM] BwdYeti: also it makes farina strictly better than lisbet and gives a source for some of lilina’s magic abilities
[1:49:38 PM] BwdYeti: nyohohoho
[1:49:52 PM] Arch: lol
[1:50:15 PM] Arch: and then we need some way of telling the game which classes are str and which are mag
[1:50:27 PM] Arch: since it just determines to override str with mag if you have a magic weapon rank

The things I consider doing for love…

2/3rds of this already exists, and I’m sure it’d be a useful functionality that people would appreciate having. Would anyone be interested in taking a crack at it? Perhaps control over which stat gets tossed to an array linked to class ID, where 01 designates Str and 02 designates Mag or something? Or perhaps tying Mag to one of the unused class ability values?

I hope if this gets finished there’s a port for us FE8 lovers too ‘3’

I think the biggest reason so little work gets done on FE8 instead of FE7 is there isn’t a demand for it, and conversely as long as no work gets done, there never will -be- a demand since FE7 is supported so much better.

So I’ve been notified by @Brendor that something similar to the last component already exists. @Hextator did this a while ago, but it’s got some issues as a perfect fix.

In the ASM folder that comes with FEditor there’s a folder titled “Melee and Magic Fix” which alters the display for str/mag and the weapon levels based on the first weapon ability, which determines whether the weapon does physical or magical damage. This displays Str as Mag on swordsmen that equip a magic weapon, and vice-versa if you want a physical damage tome wielder to still show Mag. Still, these efforts should be useful in cutting down the amount of research needed? I’m unsure how it treats units who only have staves in their inventories? No equip.

[2:25:54 PM] BwdYeti:if right now all it does is check if you have a magic weapon rank, maybe just have that check ignore staves
[2:25:57 PM] BwdYeti: *only if you only have staves
[2:26:19 PM] BwdYeti: if you have anima/light/dark, it’s mag
if you have staves alone, it’s mag
otherwise has to be str

An alternative proposal by the Yetiman.

Iirc Alex’s patch changes the text based on what’s equipped or in the first slot
I don’t know I’ll look into it
Edit: Yeti’s idea won’t work because priests and clerics are a thing
You’d have to say if physical weapon levels exist also STR takes priority

This is literally the definition of a Catch-22. A flawless example.

Just like I thought Alex’s patch accomplishes what Arch is talking about; it will say STR even if the staff is the only thing in the unit’s inventory and will only display as mag if a tome is equipped and no need to cry over something you allegedly don’t care about Klok, there’s an FE8 version too

Except showing Str on mono-staff users isn’t what I wanted (and is technically incorrect in vanilla GBAFE anyways), and it still has the same issue highlighted earlier where magic weapons will change the stat to display Mag when equipped and and tomes that inflict physical damage (like Meteor in EN) will display Str as the stat when equipped on a Sage. This is precisely the effect I’m trying to avoid by seeking an alternative, where the stat would change between class tiers or with varying equips.

Oh we’ll that’s different then
Probably the best thing to do to achieve what you want is to make Str to default and tell the game to say Mag based on a class ability which is what you were saying earlier. What abilities are free in Blazing Shell?

So um I think I did it
I’m still testing but yeah I pretty much have it completed
Tbh I thought it’d be more difficult but I’m not complaining
I’m putting it as class ability 3 bit 2 unless anyone has any objections

Edit: so yeah seems like it works just as expected so now you can give the Mag display and magic weapon level display to whatever classes you want via class ability 3 bit 2; OR that 2 bit for magic users and leave it alone for physical units. Will make an IPS probably tomorrow or Friday

Edit2: IPS patch made and ready for public consumption. Arch and I just have to tie up a few loose ends and the patch should be out by tomorrow although I don’t think the demand for this type of thing is very high

Edit 3: Download Links for Arch and anyone else interested

Fire Shell Patch(Replaces ablity 3 bit 2)
Elibean Nights Patch(Replaces ability 3 bit 0x80)

Staves don’t get equipped and some of them probably don’t have the magic bit set anyway

Yes IS actually did it that way

they also made Purge a weapon so what exactly do you expect?

Wasn’t I the one who discovered that unfortunate issue with Purge to begin with?

Yet I still expect them to not suck

Can you really blame me

Yes and yes for both questions
But it’s okay we forgive you

What’s the issue with purge? :0

I’m guessing this?

…Purge is a weapon, isn’t it? It’s the long range light spell, right? (Like Bolting, which… I think is a weapon?) Fire, Lightning, etc. Are all weapons… right?

EDIT: Oh, wait, do you mean it is a physical weapon? I thought we were just talking about equipable things because staves lol

Purge is technically a weapon and not a magic weapon; the magic bit isn’t set
No one realised until Hextator saw that it didn’t work with his Melee & Magic patch and was like oh wait it’s not technically magic

fail IS, fail .-.

Wait so it targets defense or something? Which game?

I think they hardcoded it over to deal RES damage, which means they probs caught the bug and just hacked up a fix without checking to see what was actually wrong.