[FE7] Display Glitch/Feature: Unit Juxtaposition

I don’t know what else to call this.

I don’t know what causes it.

I don’t know how it decides what second unit to use.

But this is cool.

Guys, boot up your normal, vanilla FE7 and change 02039F33 to 02. These memory locations are pointed to by the unknown pointers in the Unit data… I think they govern how the unit is drawn. But the 02 bit there causes [this weird effect…][1]
[1]: Dropbox - File Deleted

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I think…
The data, for one, starts at 0x2039F28.
Bytes 0x0-0x3 are some pointer. To next entry? This is a linked list?
Byte 0x4-0x5 = X Position to draw
Byte 0x6-0x7 = Y Position to draw
Byte 0x8 seems to be the offset in the standing units to pick the current sprite from. The byte after that (0x9) controls palette (0xF = Greyed out).
Byte 0x9 Palette
0xA is unknown…
Byte 0xB is a bit more complex, and it’s what I edit above. 0x1 is normal. 0x8_ is invisible(this is what it is when the unit is selected), 0x3 is just a little thing at the bottom, 0x4 seems to be as normal, 0x5 acts like 0x2…?


(Maybe the 2nd unit is one of the unknowns in the character data?)

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It just appears to be the next sprite in the standing map sprites. If you mess around with the 0x8 byte a bit you can see it rolling like film or something.

This should be hacked this so rescue displays the rescued unit as the secondary unit

Unfortunately, it just appears to be a glitchfeature that only displays the next map sprite.