FE7 Custom Unit Moves infinite times

Hey I just started hacking a few weeks back and got a map set up. I was able to load my units onto the custom map. THere was 1 problem though. I made the Tactician class a playable class gave it its own battle animations and everything but when i click wait or finish my action with him he can move again. And he does this an infinite amount of times. How do I change / fix this so that he cant be moved after his first action?

Change the index of the new class and try it again.

what do you mean by changing the index hahaha

its a weird hacked thing with the tactician (I guess to make it not appear greyed out during cutscenes), you have to change it to something else

Find another place for the new class data in the class table.

It seems the issue is caused by the tactician character (0xCD) rather than the tactician class.

080181E4 cmp r0, #0xcd
Changing this comparison alters which character gets infinite turns. (Mounted units can get trapped in an endless re-move cycle)

It’s probably a good idea to use a different character slot anyways. Who knows what other weird things IntSys might have done with the tactician character.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean.