[FE7] Creating magical weapons at range

I’ve been trying to create custom weapons via nightmare and everything except custom animations seem to be working. For example: I created a sword that uses ground dasher animation at range. But when I try to use the fire, el fire, thunder, or any of the vanilla animations, nothing happens. In battle, the unit animation plays but no projectile is seen coming out from the unit. Is there something that I’m missing?

I tried to recreate another “light brand” by copying all the settings in the nightmare module but even that doesn’t work. Are the vanilla weapons/spells hardcoded?


Another thing is, has there been a list that shows what the weapon abilities do in nightmare?

How are the damage calculated for magical swords and other magical weapons? Do this rely on which weapon ability I pick? I did read that the formula is something like str/2 targeted to mag but I’m not sure. But when I try to manually calculate the damage the weapon should be doing in battle, the number seems to be way higher.

custom weapon is a sword that does 25 damage and the unit using it has 5 str. the enemy unit is holding an axe and has 13 def and 6 res and yet the total damage dealt is still 25 damage. Am I missing something here?

I had a simliar issue a while ago. You have to add the animation via the Spell Association Editor Nightmare Module.

What do you mean? Like create a new weapon by making another weapon slot? The animations for vanilla weapons should already be set in the spell association editor, shouldn’t they?