[FE7] Conditional Supports

I was wondering if there was a way to make supports like in FE9, where some minor lines change if X character was dead or they were in chapter Y.
I would like to make that in addition of promoted and unpromoted characters conditions.

There’s a supports via events hack floating around somewhere, which you could use

But I have no clue of what it does or how it can be implemented.

It allows you to easily make new ASMC events for setting support levels… I don’t know how to explain it better than the log I have in that thread. @CT075 help this man?

That’s good for setting support level via events, but in this case I think Hextator’s hack that calls events via supports is more useful.

Oh I misinterpreted (read: didn’t read) the question; I was just clarifying based on what Agro posted. Yeah to make support convos change, you’ll want Hex’s thing. Mine is to set support levels through events.