[FE7] [Complete] Fire Emblem 7: Lyn Hard Mode Redux v1.1 (Updated 2/7/22)

Hello everyone!
Seeing so many cool hacks made me want to try making one of my own, but I didn’t want to go too overboard for my first project.
I decided to make something straightforward with an uncommon niche: A vanilla hack of FE7 that tries to make Lyn Mode more engaging!

With such great features as:

  • Base stat boosts to characters who are generally undersold!
  • Growth changes that are probably a placebo!
  • Self-indulgent weapon changes!
  • Good Wil??
  • Map changes that hopefully keep you awake!
  • Lyn and Eliwood Hard Mode enemy stat boosts!

This is “Lyn Mode: Hard Mode Redux”!

Overview of Major Changes

Hard Mode bonuses have been added to Lyn and Eliwood modes. Tale Select is also unlocked from the beginning with all modes. Outside of the inclusion of Hard Mode stat boosts, Eliwood’s Tale is unchanged.
Every single Lyn Mode map has been changed. These changes range from very minor to major map reworks. The latter becomes more obvious around Chapter 5.
Most characters in Lyn Mode and their Eliwood/Hector “counterparts” have been slightly modified to increase their viability. This extends to changes to Rebecca, Guy, and Bartre. The intent was not to make any character extremely strong, but more in line with FE7’s general character balance.
Slim Swords and Lances have been modified to offer more early game weapon choices.
Short Bows have been modified to lose their critical value but gain 1~2 range in an attempt to give player Archers an Enemy Phase option to increase usability. Rarity is unchanged. (Don’t worry, there’s almost no enemy Short Bows in vanilla FE7 :V)
Even if Lyn Mode is skipped, the base level and stats of most rejoining characters have been modified to increase usability.
Optional “JPN” variant that reverts boss stats, terrain bonuses, and weapon effectiveness to be in line with the original release.
For a list of specific stat changes to player units, please consult the reference document here.




Fixed game-breaking softlock with Nomad Trooper animation at range 1 (Thanks for the fix, 7743!)


(Updated 2/7/22)
You can download the main patch here! Lyn Hard Mode Redux v1.1
If better weapon effectiveness and rude thrones are more your speed, try Lyn Hard Mode JP Redux v1.1!

The design intent of this hack is to make a more fun Lyn playthrough to lead into Eliwood/Hector Hard.
If you ever wanted to replay Fire Emblem 7, hopefully you make this hack your new standard experience!
I appreciate any and all feedback!


I checked out your project and think you made some cool changes.

However, initating a fight with a promoted Rath on 1 range with the short bow let’s the game freeze in the battlescreen.

Oh dear! I’ll get right on that and post an updated patch as soon as it’s fixed.
Thanks for the bug report!

Finally the Lyn mode characters are more worthwhile! Notably Dorcas, Erk and Wallace (getting to his version of FFO is now worth it!). I just wonder why you didn’t change anything about Serra.

To be honest, I tried to be reserved in who I buffed, and Serra didn’t feel like she had massive issues performing as a healer unit due to her availability. I consider the stat buff changes in this hack mostly final, but I’m not ruling out changes if I really obviously made a bad call.

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Okay, I fixed the Nomad Trooper bow animation error.
Anyone who has downloaded this patch, I extremely recommend downloading it again to fix this error.
Thank you for playing!

Yeah, when you take her Lyn mode availability into account she’s just fine. I forgot that this is not a balance patch. She could benefit from a few levels in case of skipping Lyn mode though.

Also, I really appreciate the Erk buffs. He always felt completely outclassed by Lucius in vanilla FE7 for me.

For sure, I tried some early changes that only buffed Erk’s Magic by 1, and realized that Lucius just completely outstrips his performance and he’s far more stable. He needed the stat and level hike.

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