[FE7] Clearing the Battle Buffer; Battle Buffer Length Limit?

“08028FBA - bl 8028F84, wipes the battle buffer data(up to 6? entries)”

From what I heard, thing crash if you have an insanely long round? This is probably part of the problem. Mainly posting this here because, though small, this is supposed to be a collection of knowledge and SOMEONE might need this down the line.

Oh yeah, I ran into this a while ago when I was screwing around with scripted battles; now that it’s fixed I might do stuff like that again. Nice fix!

This might be way jumping the gun here, but I remember that this was one of the big issues back when Nintenlord was crafting a skills system (skills like Astra just weren’t going to be possible without getting rid of the round limit). So solving this would be one step towards that pipe dream as well. The modular battle routine would also be a huge step towards making it a reality.

Okay, I looked at some info and it seems like crashed could be caused by the removal at the pointer at 0203A50C. This pointer points to the battle buffer entry in use, but astonishingly, it’s only place after 7 words in-- meaning you can only have 7 entries in the battle buffer. Consider also that you need a 00 00 80 00 entry to signify the end of battle and you can see why we have a 6-round limit. A full patch would involve repointing this pointer and extending the clearing of the battle buffer to more entries.

Why not using the address after 0203F000? It seems that we have a lot of free space there (As far as I remember, only little part of it is accessed, and IMO, everything after 0203FE00 is unused)