[FE7] Class Based Bonus Table

Tired of only having a crit+15% skill?
I made this mod for Arch that changes the calculation for Hit/Avoid/Crit to read off of a bonus/penalty table.

Nightmare Module(I think it works)

This is as of yet untested.


It works!


I’ve wanted this for so long you sexy fucker.

(Does it work for FE8 too?)


I’ll get around to writing base routines for FE8 sometime

Aw. On the other hand, Brendor’s working on a skill system for FE8 so maybe yours won’t be necessary…?

Holy necro batman!

Was trying to use this but the link 404’d. Any help?


I second this, would like to try it out

OP fixed with links to the unified dropbox.

If you’re in it you can just navigate to /Crazycolorz5's Stuff/Engine Mods and Fixes/Battle Mechanics Mods/Class Battle Bonus Table


I heard you like EA installers so here:

Just change the TableLocation definition at the top to where you want your table, and make the appropriate change in the nmm.


Okay, so I went and added it to my Hack.

There’s a problem though, the game crashes/resets to title screen whenever it attempts to enter combat.

Do note I’m also using the Mag = Res hack, so that MIGHT be the one causing the issue…

That shouldn’t affect it. You did set the location of the table and nightmare modules, right? To free space?

yeah I did (to 0x104E000). Made sure to set the NMM correctly too.

and then this happened:

I second this, I copied the data to the respective pointers, and changed the table for the nmm to empty space 0xFD8790, and I got similar results. Though I don’t know whether this happened to Terra or not, but these weird massive Hit, Crit, and Avoids were on every single unit even without any nmm modifications; such as my lv 3 archer Wil having a 116 avoid or the enemy’s warrior having a 108 crit with a 0 crit bow.

Did you check to make sure the values were 0’d out within the nmm? If so, I’ll check the source when I can, I suppose.

They are zeroed out and I pointed the NMM to free space which was all zeroes.

Can I have a ups patch of your rom?

Here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/?111c3bnnidcd603

Ok I just paste wrote it using HxD editor this time around and it worked, so I guess I was just messing up with Windhex.