[FE7] Bane

Made for EN, I’d like to make this open sourced.

Paste at 29264

Adds bane in with probability of activating = Skl/2, only on hits.
Character Ability 4 0x8 (meant to be used in conjunction with Venno’s hack)

Bane reduces the enemy’s HP to 1. If it would do less damage than what has already been proc’d, it will not activate.

[Source Code][1]
[Dump File][2]
It’s also in the Unified FE Hacking/Crazycolorz5’s Stuff/Bane

Oh, and another note. I made this incompatible with modular battle, since it changes the same routine as one of them.

For reference, this is the hack of mine he’s referring to.

It had a bug, changed 1 bit. It should work now. Go ahead and redownload it if you already had.